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You Can't Skateboard On A Highway, No Matter How Cool It Looks

No matter how sick this looks, it will absolutely get you fined and/or killed.


Disneyland Shanghai's Reopening Is A Sad Look At The Future Of Vacations

Disneyland Shanghai might be the perfect testing ground for how vacations will look for a long time.


Beloved Hobbies That Are Secretly The New 'Dad Things'

If you enjoy these things, you might be a dad!


Don't Let 'Big Meat' Freak You Out Over Shortages

America's always had a history of lying about its meat, and that's gotta stop.


Mississippi Blew Money For The Poor On Brett Favre And Pro Wrestlers

Brett Favre was apparently handed more money than an NFL practice squad QB to skip speaking engagements.


China's Propaganda Video Is So Weird It's Frightening

Sorry LEGO, you're a part of Chinese propaganda now whether you like it or not.


Lazy Messaging Plus Bad Stats Equals Lazy, Bad Policy

Lies created with numbers are the worst kind.


C'mon, Mother Nature, A Little Help Over Here

We're not asking for a cure. We just need your help with one tiny fix and we can beat this thing ourselves.


Important News Stories That Got Buried By All The Chaos

Turns out there are other news things happening.


Interesting Facts That Will Make Your Brain Purr

Bite-size treats for your brain.


The Only Logical Reaction To The News Is 'Arrgghhhh!'

What is even going on right now?


Refusing A Mask Doesn't Equal Sainthood Or Bravery

The same VP who doesn't think condoms work doesn't seem to believe in facial coverings either.