15 Trivia Tidbits We Didn’t Know But We’re Glad We Learned

15 Trivia Tidbits We Didn’t Know But We’re Glad We Learned

In the year 535 of our Lord, Wufei Quatre was born into a poor farming family. His father worked as a peasant in a village called Laihua in the land of Zhongnan Province and his mother worked as a house servant at one of the larger estates. The boy was raised with love, but also suffered hardship. As soon as he was big enough to hold a knife his parents sent him out with an older brother and two other young men to cut wood to sell in the market town, where they would earn a few coins for their meager food supply.

As Wufei grew into manhood he began taking over his parents' work as they grew ill and weak from hard physical labor on the farm. In the years to come the Quatre family continued working at this task.

One day, Wufei found his knife nearly danced in his hand. Animated with a will of its own, it carved strange lettering into the wood he was holding. To his amazement, it was a list of fifteen facts, and the list went ...

The first written example of the Finnish language was in 1450.

The first known written example of the Finnish language is found in a German travel journal dating back-to-1450г CRACKED.COM Written by an unknown Finnish bishop, the line reads: I want to speak Finnish, but I am not able to.


Hooters had their own airline in the early 2000’s.

Hooters operated an airline called, Hooters Air from 2003 to 2006. H TERS CRACKED.COM Two 'hooters girls', dressed in their restaurant uniforms, were on each flight assisting the traditionally attired in-flight crews with hospitality duties.

Business Insider

A too-short ladder led to a failed attack by Jacobite rebellions.

A 1715 Jacobite attack on Edinburgh Castle failed because the ladder they brought was too short. CRACKED.COM The Jacobites tried to storm the castle under the cloak of night, however, the short ladder left the Jacobite rebellions stranded until morning, where they were discovered and promptly arrested.


JcPenney sold a teapot that sort of looked like Hitler.

In 2013, JCPenney sold a stainless steel tea kettle that attracted controversy due to its perceived resemblance to Adolf-Hitler. JCPenney CRACKED.COM Due to the media attention, the kettle sold out at JCPenney's stores, with some later reappearing on eBay, priced as high as $199.


Q*Bert made a real, physical sound when he fell off his arcade game stage.

TIL The Q*Bert arcade game had a special knocker inside the cabinet. PLAYER 1 12820 CHANGE TO: LEVEL 2 ROUND: 1 CRACKED.COM A plunger that strikes a mounting bracket would make a physical knock when Q*Bert fell off the stage, landing inside the arcade cabinet.


Space poop became an emergency on Apollo 10.

Onboard Apollo 10's mission to orbit the moon, there was an emergency when one of the astronaut's poop got-loose. CRACKED.COM All three astronauts denied responsibility. This came to light when the mission transcripts were declassified.

NBC News

The CIA launched film from satellites in space.

CIA satellites in the 1960s would jettison heat-shielded film canisters with parachutes back to Earth. CRACKED.COM The fifth generation of satellites had about 3 miles of film per camera, which was to be retrieved in mid-air by plane.


A part of a Canadian hospital was made extraterritorial so a princess could give birth there.

Princess Margriet Francisca was delivered in an extraterritorial hospital in Canada. GRAGKED.COM In the midst of the Second World War, part of the maternity ward on the third floor of Ottawa's Civic Hospital was declared to be no longer part of Canada to clear the way for the birth of the Dutch princess.

Ottawa Citizen

Coffee activates your colon, making you have to poop.

Coffee makes you poop because caffeine activates contractions in your colon and intestinal muscles. GRACKED.COM Research has shown that caffeine makes the colon 60% more active than water and 23% more active than decaf coffee.


Jack Ass sued ‘Jackass,’ which is a pretty jackass move.

A Montana man named Bob Craft changed his name to Jack Ass in 1997 to raise awareness for drunk driving. CRACKED.COM Не then sued MTV for $10 million over the show Jackass in 2002, claiming the show plagiarized his name.

The Smoking Gun

Tapeworms are probably something you don’t want to get.

Tapeworms can live inside you for up to 30 years and grow 80 feet long. CRACKED.COM If you ingest certain tapeworm eggs, they can migrate outside your intestines and form larval cysts in body tissues and organs.

Mayo Clinic

A bookstore owner decided they could write better than the books they had in stock.

Nobel Prize in Literature winner Alice Munro co-founded a bookstore before she decided to write. GRAGKED.COM After reading some of the store's stock, she thought I can write better books than this.

The Global Mail

A murder on the ice may be a case study for the first space-killing.

A killing on an iceberg is being examined as a possible case study in the event murder occurs in outer space. CRACKED.COM Since the murder happened outside of any country's territorial waters, it led to a massive kerfuffle over the questions of jurisdiction and who had the right to try the defendant.


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