15 Gotta-Know Facts That Really Busted Our Bunker

The co-founder of Facebook renounced his US citizenship to avoid taxes, because of course he did.
15 Gotta-Know Facts That Really Busted Our Bunker

"I have no idea what I am doing," said the young man sitting in front of me. The words had barely escaped his lips when his hands were moving as if he was conducting some sort of musical ensemble with just the sounds his mouth created. "This isn't going to work, you know." He was holding up an object in each hand; a pair of scissors and what appeared to be a piece of wood.

"How is this supposed to work?" I asked as I leaned forward on my chair. I could see he'd already cut a few pieces of the wood, but he hadn't done anything with it yet.

He paused for a second and looked down at his work before answering, "It doesn't. But we can still use this piece of wood."

And suddenly, I gasped. Because somehow, on the wood, letters started to form. We both watched, transfixed, as a list of fifteen facts carved itself onto the wood. It went ...


Deep sea workers only need to be decompressed once after a month long job.

Divers working on deep-sea infrastructure such as oil pipelines live in a pressurized chamber for a month. Yes CRACKED.COM They are then taken between the chamber and their worksite by a pressurized diving bell. That way, they only need to be decompressed once, at the end of each 28-day job.


The Las Vegas sky beam attracts so many insects that it’s a new ecosystem.

The Sky Beam that shoots out of a Las Vegas casino attracts so many insects that it has-established-a.new ecosystem. CRACKED.COM Moths, bats, and owls are drawn to the light at the Luxor Hotel/Casino, which is the strongest beam of light in the world.

Review Journal 

Rapper Pusha T wrote iconic fast-food jingles.

American Rapper Pusha T wrote the famous McDonald's jingle I'm lovin it in 2003 but does not own the rights. GRACKED.COM Не learned from his multi-million dollar mistake and now owns 40% of the publishing rights of the We have the meats campaign from Arby's.


Real guns were cheaper than props in Lord Of War.

The filmmakers of Lord of War used a real stockpile of over 3,000 AK-47s because it was cheaper. CRACKED COM New Zealand director Andrew Niccol said, I bought 3000 Kalashnikovs and then sold them back at a loss. I wouldn't make a very good arms dealer.

NZ Herald 

Doctors had a misinterpretation of the human body because they only had access to the cadavers of poor people.

In the early 20th century, doctors had a biased understanding of human anatomy because of only having access to the cadavers of poor people. CRACKED.COM In anatomy classes, they were used to the enlarged adrenal glands (which were actually caused by stress from poverty) and thought this was the normal size.

Irish Times

The co-founder of Facebook renounced his US citizenship to avoid taxes.

Eduardo Saverin renounced his U.S. citizenship to avoid paying $700 million in taxes. GRACKED.COM Saverin denies it, and stated that he renounced his citizenship because of his interest in working and living in Singapore where he has been since 2009.


A helicopter pilot completed both the highest altitude and highest unpowered descent.

A helicopter pilot flew to 40,820 feet, setting a world record for the highest altitude reached by helicopter. OILMS www - RESCUE A AMS Y21 = GRAGKED.COM However, when he started to descend, the engine failed, but he safely landed the helicopter with absolutely no power, a world record for the highest unpowered descent by a helicopter.

Latin Aero 

The bobbit worm is straight out of a nightmare.

The Bobbit Worm is a 10 foot long predatory worm with massive jaws that lives in corals, which can-end-up in-household fish tanks. CRACKED.COM They're also polychaetes so if you somehow manage to slice its head off it will just grow a new head, and the head will grow a new body, and they'll mate and make more worms.

BBC Earth 

We didn’t think infants could feel pain as recently as 986.

As recently as 1986 infants as old as 15 months were receiving no anesthesia during surgery. GRAGKED.COM This was because doctors did not think babies could feel pain. Even open-heart surgeries were performed on infants without anesthesia.

Washington Post

Deadpool has a sidekick with no superpowers or training.

Similar to the Deadpool 2 movies, Deadpool in the comics has a sidekick. CRACKED.COM Bob, an agent of Hydra, joined Hydra for a steady job and dental plan. Не has no superpowers or combat training and Deadpool brings him on dangerous missions for his own amusement.


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