The following true story took place during my childhood in the early 1960s, when witches were not as common or widely feared as today.

I am now a middle-aged man and can look back on the incident without embarrassment at how silly we all must have been to believe such nonsense. I was a young girl then and it was a time when we did not take things so seriously—not yet anyway. My brother was five years older than me. Our parents had separated, and he lived with our mother, who happened to be a witch. This is where it starts getting strange, because my mother never actually used the word "witch." It was always "witching," or something like that. 

I suppose the distinction is that she didn't practice witchcraft; instead, she just did a kind of magic I didn't understand. She knew fifteen spells, and she wrote them down in coded form, in which they sounded like a list of fifteen weird facts. That list went ..

Judd Apatow has a superhuman ability to scout talent.

Judd Apatow's failed pilot 'North Hollywood was a who's-who of soon-to-be- famous comedy stars. CRACKED.COM In addition to bringing back Jason Segel from Freaks and Geeks, Apatow cast then-unknowns Amy Poehler, Kevin Hart, Amy Schumer, January Jones, and Adam McKay.

LA Times

Call of Duty cheaters get the ‘Predator’ treatment.

The new anti-cheat system in Call of Duty turns honest players invisible to the cheaters. GRACKED.COM The new measure not only makes regular players invisible to cheaters but also makes all of their honest shots completely untraceable.


Most game makers never bothered to keep source code in the ‘90s.

Square Enix lost Final Fantasy VIII's original source code for the remake. CRACKED.COM Keeping a game's source code wasn't a big deal in the '90s because it took up a lot of space and the concept of remastering stuff was still a decade away.

News 12

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A rejected Key & Peele sketch involved Sebastian from ‘The Little Mermaid.’ Kinda.

Key & Peele never got to film their surreal 'Sebastianasia' sketch. CRACKED.COM The sketch involved Keegan sitting in a hospital with his dying wife when a man wearing a cheap lobster suit (Jordan) appears and urges him to kiss the girl, a la 'The Little Mermaid.' When he does, she immediately flatlines.

Lancashire Telegraph

Ang Lee made ‘Gemini Man’ with technical specs no theater had the equipment to handle.

Not a single movie screen could show Ang Lee's 'Gemini Man' exactly as Lee had intended. CRACKED.COM Lee got his hands on the script, originally written in the '90s, and turned it into a futuristic visual experiment, shot in 4K, 3D, 120 fps.


Two Oscar voters admitted to not actually watching a movie they awarded.

Oscar voters privately admitted they hadn't watched '12 Years A Slave' when they made it a Best Picture winner. CRACKED.COM The two voters said they felt obligated to vote for it due to its social relevance.


Hitler thought German women preferred him single.

Hitler never publicly acknowledged Eva Braun as his lover, believing the women of Germany preferred him single. CRACKED.COM Braun met Hitler in 1929, when she was 17 and working as an assistant for the 40-year-old's personal photographer.


A ‘Darkman’ sequel has Liam Neeson’s blessing, if the script doesn’t suck.

Liam Neeson is open to a 'Darkman' sequel, if the script is good enough. CRACKED.COM The original, glorious low-budget '90s film stars Liam Neeson and Frances McDormand in a tragic 'Hunchback of Notre Dame' kind of story.

The Hustle

Benedict Cumberbatch was almost a Thor villain.

Benedict Cumberbatch almost played the villain in 'Thor: The Dark World.' CRACKED.COM Before taking the role of Dr. Strange, Cumberbatch almost joined the MCU as the cinematic universe's most forgettable villain, Malekith, in one of the weakest films.


WB gave one guy the movie rights to Superman, and anyone that ever appeared in a Superman comic.

Warner Bros gave producer Ilya Salkind the rights to make a Superman movie in the '70s in two minutes. CRACKED.COM Salkind says he called WB to ask about Superman and they ended up throwing in the rights to include any character who had ever been in the same comic as him because they truly did not give a crap.

The Verge

A comedy series is coming to they gay hookup app.

Two Second Clty alums are teaming up for Grindr's first scripted comedy series, 'Bridesman.' Grindr TM CRACKED.COM The six ten-minute episodes are fast-paced and packed with jokes, telling the story of a single gay man who agrees to be the lone bridesman among his best gal pal's bridesmaids.


Monty Python used absurdism to help end sketches.

Monty Python's specific style of absurdism helped when they wrote sketches ending with no real conclusion. CRACKED.COM Fourth Wall breaking and strange non-sequiturs were often used when the members did not know how to end a sketch and absurdity was better than a flat punchline.



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