15 Stories We Won’t Allow To Get Swept Under The Rug

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15 Stories We Won’t Allow To Get Swept Under The Rug

The following true story took place during my childhood in the early 1960s, when witches were not as common or widely feared as today.

I am now a middle-aged man and can look back on the incident without embarrassment at how silly we all must have been to believe such nonsense. I was a young girl then and it was a time when we did not take things so seriously—not yet anyway. My brother was five years older than me. Our parents had separated, and he lived with our mother, who happened to be a witch. This is where it starts getting strange, because my mother never actually used the word "witch." It was always "witching," or something like that. 

I suppose the distinction is that she didn't practice witchcraft; instead, she just did a kind of magic I didn't understand. She knew fifteen spells, and she wrote them down in coded form, in which they sounded like a list of fifteen weird facts. That list went ..

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