Grabby Gary Coleman And More Comedy News We Have To Share

Kid Rock and T.I. try stand-up and other harbingers of the apocalypse.
Grabby Gary Coleman And More Comedy News We Have To Share

Here’s a handy round-up of comedy news you can use. 

Whatchu Talkin’ ‘Bout, Molly Shannon?

Young Molly Shannon signed with the same agent as Diff’rent Strokes star Gary Coleman, and the SNL alum was “over the moon.” That is until Coleman invited college student Shannon up to his hotel suite.

“He was playful at first, tickling me, trying to lie on top of me and smooch me,” Shannon alleges in her new book, Hello Molly. “Then, when I pushed him away and stood up, Gary climbed up on the bed and jumped off, using it as a springboard to launch himself to me, kissing me wildly and sticking his little baby hands under my shirt.”

Tandem Productions

Shannon got out of the room and warned the agent that Coleman was “wild.” She never heard from either of them again.

Kid Rock’s Tone-Def Comedy Jam

Kid Rock made his comedy debut in Nashville this month, dressing like a member of Parliament-Funkadelic while telling the world’s longest midget joke. Whoa, did he just say penis? Hey-o!

T.I. to Kid Rock: Hold My Beer

Jon Stewart Makes His Mark

Stewart is the 2022 recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, an award Twain himself never won despite high marks in the swimsuit competition. 

Comedy Partners

Kerry Washington Integrates Springfield

The notoriously yellow town gets a permanent Black character in Washington’s Rayshelle Payton, the replacement for perpetual fourth-grade teacher Mrs. Krabappel (voiced by the late, great Marcia Wallace).

Gracie Films

Roseanne Barr is a G--d--- American!

Roseanne is back, baby!  Or at least, she’s got a new doc on Reelz (which we assume is a channel or streaming service of some kind?)

She’s still mad that ABC fired her from her own sitcom, just because she tweeted that Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett was an offspring of “Muslim brotherhood & Planet of the Apes.”  That and about 40 other equally offensive tweets.

 “I’m a g--d--- American,” says Barr. “I’m a bad girl. I’m too rock and roll. I’m going to say f— it and f— you until I take my last breath.”  Sounds perfect for ABC primetime to us.


Grindr Gets Even More Hilarious

Grindr -- not just for rando sex anymore!  Two Second CIty alums are teaming up for the gay dating service’s first scripted comedy series, Bridesman. Imagine sex-hungry singles tuning in for the story of a single gay man who agrees to be the lone “bridesman” among his best gal pal’s bridesmaids -- and then tries to undermine the whole deal.  

Broadway Video

The six ten-minute episodes are “fast-paced and packed with jokes,” just like most Grindr hook-ups.

And In Pete Davidson News …

After a Pete/Gunna sketch about only wanting to watch short-ass movies, Netflix obliged and created the new category.

And the latest in the fake publicity grab true romance between Pete and Kim Kardashian? We recently learned that the King of Staten Island gifted Kim their grubby Aladdin and Jasmine getups for Valentine's Day.  

Broadway Video

As most SNL costumes are recycled from older sketches, we have to imagine Chris Kattan and Cheri Oteri mixed it up in those duds back in the day.

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