'Call Of Duty' Now Trolls Cheaters By Turning Non-Cheaters Into The Predator

And no "choppah" will come to their rescue.
'Call Of Duty' Now Trolls Cheaters By Turning Non-Cheaters Into The Predator

We admit that we do talk a lot of crap about the Call Of Duty series, but that's because we want the few good news we get about the franchise to feel extra sweet (maybe). A few months back, the Call Of Duty anti-cheat system beautifully turned the bullets fired by cheaters into blanks. Cheaters were able to see their prey anywhere on the map via X-ray vision and not miss a single aim-assisted shot, but it would all be for nothing. Cheater bullets would hit non-cheaters in a way that was only good to reveal the cheater's location. Even people past beyond the peak gamer age of 13-years-old would then be able to obliterate a cheater in a way that would totally warrant a good old teabagging session. Banning cheaters works, but they'll just find another way to come back. Wasting the time of a group historically not patient enough to get competitive at a game stands to have much better – and funnier results. The devs probably enjoyed the results even more than players did, as they just turned the life of cheaters on Call Of Duty into an even more grueling experience. The new anti-cheat introduces “cloaking”, the exact same name of the tech used by The Predator to turn invisible.

Predator turns invisible


Fun fact: The Predator made his cloaking device by reverse-engineering the cloak of invisibility he got when removing Harry Potter's spine.

The new measure not only makes regular players invisible to cheaters but also makes all of their honest shots completely untraceable. Cheaters will be left wondering where they're getting shot from, and the only people they'll be able to find on the map are other cheaters. The wallhackers have become the wallhacked in a world where non-cheaters will be able to just see the carnage unfold or get to LARP as the Predator.

COD Operative gets killed by invisible man

Activision Blizzard

Current cheater POV, probably

Top Image: Fox

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