The Fan Theory That Puts 'Frasier' And 'Clueless' In The Same Universe

The Fan Theory That Puts 'Frasier' And 'Clueless' In The Same Universe

Over the years, we’ve heard many great theories about potential crossover universes in both film and television. Some of our favorites include how characters from Dawson’s Creek most definitely showed up in Californication years later. There’s also the wild one of how everyone from 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon to Will and Grace to Midge from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel all live on the same NYC block, and might therefore be in the same universe — one where only rich people can afford to live in NYC. 

Recently, we’ve discovered a new theory that puts the world of Dr. Frasier Crane and his wacky family in a connected timeline with Beverly Hills’ “It Girl” Cher and her posse of “As If's.” And it involves none other than our sweet, dear sweet Tai. 

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Who’s surname is Frasier. Tai Frasier. OMG.

When we first meet the cute, shy Tai in Clueless — before all the inevitable corruption happens — she’s just a laid back girl who likes to wear flannel shirts, digs art, and almost immediately asks Cher and Friends if they have some “herbal refreshments:”

Yeah, that look might scream “farmer” in a place like Beverly Hills (back then, in those circles, we guess), but that look is also totally grunge. Folks from Seattle — and anyone who watched VH1 in those days — would've naturally picked up on the fashion trend. And speaking of Seattle…well, would you look at who makes a cameo In this Frasier episode from season one (skip to the 3:20 mark):

Yeah, that’s Brittany Murphy, who looks incredibly similar to Curly Sue Tai in Clueless. Look here:

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O. MG.

The theory goes that, since Tai is a transfer student, chances are good that it may have been her in that theater play Frasier so rudely interrupted back in Seattle before also starring in it because, of course, he did. Tai displayed an affinity for the arts in Clueless, so it’s not that hard to believe she could’ve been a theater geek back at her old school. 

And again: The first thing she asks her new rich friends is where she can find “herbal refreshments.” It’s not so much the request as it is the term she uses that screams both “theater kid” and “clueless white girl.”

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