The Secret Origins of 11 Childhood Things

The Secret Origins of 11 Childhood Things

Ever wonder where your favorite childhood things came from? The answer may surprise you. Many of the things we take for granted have secret origins that are dark, disturbing, or just plain weird. For example, did you know that Barbie was named after a real person? Or that Sesame Street was created to help inner-city kids? The truth about these and other childhood staples is often stranger than fiction. So the next time you watch a children's movie or play with a toy, remember that there's more to the story than meets the eye. You may never look at your childhood in the same way again.

We were all kids once; even Benjamin Button couldn't avoid childhood in the end. When you look back on your childhood things, you might feel a sense of nostalgia. But look back a little further, and you'll discover some of them started in very strange places.

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