15 Now-We-Know Facts That Tickled Our Pickles

Parents found the most convoluted way around their kids eating Halloween candy.
15 Now-We-Know Facts That Tickled Our Pickles

The young man had no idea what was going on.

His father, who always seemed so confident and strong, was acting as though he were in the grip of some great, terrible force that was making him act irrationally and dangerously.

"You can't go!" his mother cried to her husband one night as she sat up with the boy, whose nightmares continued for several weeks. The boy's parents argued loudly, then quietly, then loudly again. The boy's father had been drinking heavily. His wife was not much better off, and it showed. Their marriage seemed more like an arrangement made by two people with very little choice rather than a loving relationship between equals.

"I have to go," his father said.

"W ... why?"

The father couldn't really reply. All he could do, as if possessed by some strange forces, was to start rattling off a weird, weird list of fifteen facts. It started with ...


The Phantom Barber terrorized Mississippi.

In 1942, residents of Pascagoula, Mississippi lived in fear of the phantom barber. A criminal would sneak into homes at night only to steal locks of hair from his victims. Не worked in the darkness made more profound by the Army's blackout regulations due to World War 2. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Parents found the most convoluted way around their kids eating Halloween candy.

The Switch Witch is something anti-candy parents are doing on Halloween. x A child leaves out their bag of candy and the Switch Witch (also known as the Santa of October) replaces it with a toy. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

She Knows

The animated Dante's Inferno movie is a combined effort of 6 animation studios.

The Dante's Inferno anime was animated in a different style for each layer of Hell. The film is divided into 6 parts, which were each animated by a different studio to depict each of the six circles of Hell that are featured in the movie. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Dread Central 

Police semi trucks can pull you over in Florida.

Florida Highway Patrol has a semi-truck as a patrol vehicle and occasionally makes traffic stops. The FHP uses a fleet of three such hidden in plain sight trucks to snitch on bad drivers or even pull them over themselves. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

The Drive

The holes in Swiss cheese are called eyes.

Swiss cheese without the holes is referred to as blind. The holes in Swiss cheese are called eyes and come from carbon dioxide bubbles released by the bacteria inside. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

The Nibble 

The WWF chose the cheapest mascot.

The World Wildlife Fund mascot was chosen to limit printing costs. One of the main reasons WWF founder Sir Peter Scott chose a panda as the organization's logo since it only needed to be black and white. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

WWF Panda 

You can trick your brain into thinking it got more sleep.

Placebo sleep is a type of sleep where you convince yourself that you slept well. Even if you didn't get good enough sleep, it can actually trick your brain into thinking that you did sleep well. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

The Atlantic

Myanmar will jail you for a year if you post the wrong thing on Facebook.

A New Zealander was jailed in Myanmar for posting an image of Buddha on Facebook. Philip Blackwood was imprisoned inside one of the world's harshest prisons in Myanmar for over a year because he posted an image of Buddha with headphones on his Facebook page. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Now To Love 

Powdered wigs were meant to cover up syphilis-caused baldness.

Powdered wigs became popular to hide the baldness caused by syphilis. x To keep the massive wigs from losing shape, the French aristocracy starched them, using edible grain while the population couldn't afford to eat. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Some penguins pick out rocks for their mates.

During courtship, the Gentoo and Adelie male penguins search across a beach to find a perfect pebble. If the female accepts the gift, they bond and mate for life. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

BBC Earth 

The Little Mermaid made a little-er Mermaid that wants to return to the sea.

Ariel from the Little Mermaid is the only Disney princess to have had a child of her own. Melody is the protagonist of The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea. She is the daughter of Ariel and Prince Eric, who dreams of living life under the sea. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Disney Wiki

An X-Men artist hid the word “sex” into every page in one issue.

In New X-Men #118, the word sex is hidden in the art on every page of the issue. Sex is pretty prevalent in the plot as well; Jean telepathically contacts Logan and he tells her to get the hell out of my personal fantasies, and Jean asks Scott if he slept with Emma Frost. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Uncanny X-Men 

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