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5 Dumb Day Jobs Of Superheroes, And What They Could Be Doing

Peter Parker is a genius chemist, but for some reason, he would rather make just above minimum wage with a mediocre dental plan by taking pictures of himself in his Spider-Man costume.


5 Awesome Comic Plots That Can't Be Made Into Movies

We get it, 'Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash' is a wet dream of a character mash-up. It would still be pretty stupid on the big screen.


6 Weird Offscreen Facts About Great Movies You Can't Un-Know

The 'Jurassic Park' dinosaurs had more than frog DNA floating around inside them.


The Dark Tower's Really Dumb Plan For A Cinematic Universe

The long-awaited release of the big screen adaption of Stephen King's epic 'Dark Tower' series is coming out this week and we couldn't be more confused.


8 Actual Movie Posters That Are Hilarious Disasters

'Logan' is probably the greatest X-Men film to date. Coincidentally, the poster for 'Logan' might be the most horrifying X-Men poster to date as well.


5 'Very Special Episodes' That Nobody Saw Coming

You can't write a good Very Special Episode on purpose. You can only do it by accident.


5 Movies That Casually Introduced World-Shattering Details

Movies love to blow up the history books, but what happens when they don't even realize they've done it?


4 Modern Movies That Were So Good ... Until These Scenes

Soulless eyes. Twitching, insectoid mouthparts. Tiny Ewan McGregor face. All enough to make us not want to watch 'Beauty and the Beast' again.


5 Specific Things TV Banned For Way Longer Than You Think

The history of TV censorship is more like a weird rollercoaster, racing through bafflement, contradiction, and hypocrisy.


6 WTF Ways Major Blockbusters Tried To Save A Buck

Sometimes a shoestring budget is all you need to produce something groundbreaking.


Here's How To Save The Han Solo Movie From Total Disaster

The Han Solo prequel movie is currently a metaphorical flaming sail barge in a monster-filled desert.


5 Sequels That Introduce Huge Plotholes To The Originals

Sequels can retroactively ruin their predecessors by introducing plot elements that turn them into nonsense.


5 Classic Characters Who Should Have DIED, DIED, DIED!



6 NSFW Moments From The Making of Family-Friendly Shows

No child should've ever been let around Captain Kangaroo.