35 Easter Eggs We Missed in Famous Movies and TV Shows

Some of these are really well hidden
35 Easter Eggs We Missed in Famous Movies and TV Shows

What is the most important thing in a movie or television show? Probably the actors in the center of the frame saying the things that are moving the story forward. But what do you do with all of the periphery area in that widescreen 16x9 aspect ratio? Sure, you could let it all go to waste, or you can take a moment and hide little in-jokes or secrets for observant viewers. 

Sometimes its a pair of filmmaker friends referencing one anothers work — like the case of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas in Star Wars and E.T. Other times, its superheroes being referenced in other characters movies — long before that became just the standard way to make superhero movies. And sometimes there isnt a major metatextual element at all, just a set designer or director throwing a little joke in the frame to make themselves laugh.

Weve collected a bunch of our favorites below…

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