15 Movie Easter Eggs (Just in Time for Easter)

These aren't candy-based, but are still yummy.
15 Movie Easter Eggs (Just in Time for Easter)

Happy Easter! Blessed Rabbit day. You know one of the best things to come out of Easter? Easter eggs! Not the candy-based ones, but ones in movies and TV shows that you can point out to your friends and go, “Hey, that's Blarbanaut, from Zaphod 7!” and they can nod like they give a damn. Easter eggs are all the rage because sometimes you just don’t want to go through the work to make something work or make sense but if you reference it, that’s like it happened, right? 

In between scouring through the yard for candy, or watching your kids try and fail to find the egg that’s just right there, he keeps walking past it, I hid it at eye level, I didn’t even think this would be one of the hard ones, Jesus this kid, ah shouldn’t swear, not on his day, look for other Easter eggs! Fictional ones. The kinds that matter.

So here are some Easter eggs you can keep an eye out for in all your favorite films and TV shows.


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