5 Easter Eggs Better Than The Games They're Hidden In

Some Easter eggs pack in secrets so elaborate that they deserve some time in the spotlight.
5 Easter Eggs Better Than The Games They're Hidden In

Easter eggs always give video games that little extra kick of awesomeness, even when they're about something as wholesomely simple as finding out you'll never die alone because there's a ghost following your every step. Some Easter eggs, however, pack in secrets so elaborate that they deserve some time in the spotlight ...

There's Some Biblical Weirdness Inside Battlefield V

Battlefield games give you a lot of bang for your buck right out of the box. They allow players to drive tanks, pilot planes, shoot rockets, and sometimes even to “LoopZook,” which is gamer speak for getting out of your plane mid-flight, blowing up an enemy craft with a rocket launcher, then getting back inside your plane.


 It's possible your grandpa killed some Nazis this way, provided he was in the top 0.1% of the army leaderboards.

But did you know the game also kind of allows for players to do something outside of senseless(ly cool) destruction? YouTuber DANNYonPC revealed that there's a secret building mini-game inside the game. 

In Battlefield V's practice range, four players can start the construction of a massive block-based structure they can use to climb up to the skies -- but apparently not much else. It seemed like either a jab at Fortnite's millions of abandoned buildings or a “Stairway to Heaven” reference that everyone playing is too young to get.


"The only way we're getting down from here is with a zeppelin."

Over a year later, however, DANNY found out it actually had a purpose, which was to shatter reality ...


And trigger the wrath of the video game God in a Tower of Babelesque scenario. 

So yeah, with enough grit and effort, you too can summon the extremely irritable Old Testament God in a section of the game nobody actually expects you to play.



Even if it is practice mode, the hubris of mankind cannot go unpunished.

Video Game Easter Eggs Are Great At Realistically Portraying The Loch Ness Monster

Proving the existence of the Loch Ness Monster is nigh impossible. On one side of the argument, you have scientists. On the other, you have Scottish people who need you to buy souvenirs. And one element video games seem to portray increasingly well is the dubious existence of this cryptid. No game does such better than Watch Dogs, where the Loch Ness Monster is real, but also not. The devs meant to put it into the game as an Easter egg, but it's not really there. In true Watch Dogs fashion, Nessie is only accessible through hacking -- just like in real life.

But don't be sad. Nessie is again kinda-really-real in Apex Legends, where you can shoot a lot of MacGuffins to get her to show up. And she's huge and scary. 


If you're afraid of cucumbers.

In Apex Legends, you only get a random limited area of the map to play each time, so it's not always possible to complete the grueling task required to get Nessie to rise up. To make her even more of an elusive presence, this is a game where most of the 60 players will just see a giant monster popping out of the sea and have no idea how or why. Witnesses will tell everyone they know about it … and will promptly be believed by no one. 


And to be honest, it sure does look like we've been had once again

Postal 2's VR Is A Beautiful Retcon From Real-Life

Upon release, Postal 2 introduced revolutionary game mechanics such as the ability to use cats as silencers and to pee on yourself to prevent burning to death. Sounds like we're making it up, but that's just how 2003 rolled.

Running With Scissors

You could also pee for pee's sake.

13 years passed with no one ever mentioning the game -- either because it deserved oblivion or people were too ashamed to mention it -- until the advent of Postal 2 "VR," an Easter egg made and put in the game over a decade later seemingly just for a joke.

Running With Scissors

Sadly, no dick POV option.

Thing is, that's not something they just added to the game on a whim. That's a thing the devs had been promising ever since release. Upon entering the mall in the original version of the game, players would come across an area that was closed for renovations.

In there, you could find a card telling all customers that they'd reopen in July 2016.

Running With Scissors

And because of that premature promise, you can now play Postal 2 VR.

Running With Scissors

As long as you have a STEME account

Spider-Man Is Surprisingly Caring Towards The Goons Trying To Kill Him

One thing people have always joked about Spider-Man video games is how Spidey is seemingly pulling out a Snyder and killing a lot of enemies when accidentally throwing them off of buildings:


And non-accidentally, as well.

But that's not true, actually. In a hard-to-see Easter egg that deserves a lot of credit, you can see that Spider-Man has an infinite supply of tiny web gadgets that he somehow manages to place on the clothes of everyone he fights, just in case they fall to a seemingly unavoidable death. Then, gravity -- if that's even a thing in superhero land -- triggers the device, which safely glues all enemies to the side of a building.


Though it's kind of weird that even Spider-Man decides to look away

Peter Parker will answer no further questions regarding any wrongdoing. (Looking at you, Jonah.)

There Are Whole-Ass Games Inside Some Of Your Games

Some Easter eggs aren't just a nice treat that a rabbit somehow laid for you to eat without asking questions. Some games contain easter eggs that are pretty much fully-formed Easter bunnies already. 

Firewatch has a pretty neat one for the Switch version in which players find an old N64 cartridge that they can use to unlock a mini-game inspired by Super-Mario 64. 

It's not a multi-level spanning campaign, sure, but hey, no one would dare hide a whole-ass game inside another game, running the risk that few people would even find it. Right? 

Well, Homefront: The Revolution, the game about a bonkers North Korean occupation of the US almost makes up for its dumb existence by dialing its Easter egg game up to 11, and quietly concealing an entire game buried within it. The game is Timesplitters 2, no less, a game that, despite its age, is still a much better reason to buy Homefront than the actual Homefront is. On top of that, it's in HD, a format you can't find anywhere else. 


Top Image: Electronic Arts


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