21 Famous Actors People Didn’t ‘Get’ Until This One Role

21 Famous Actors People Didn’t ‘Get’ Until This One Role

Everyone has that one movie star they just don’t get the big deal about. Maybe you think Winona Ryder has an annoying face, but then you saw Mr. Deeds and you were like, “Okay, Wino-no, I see you,” even if you did still wish she drowned under the ice. Surely, everyone has had that specific experience.

For Redditor dood0906, it was John Travolta. “Believe it or not, I only watched Pulp Fiction for the first time a week or two ago,” they said, and although they’d previously only seen Scientology’s favorite chin dimple as “just that one dude from Grease,” they “genuinely think I really like him as an actor” and are “more interested in going through his movie catalog.” 

And so, they proceeded to ask r/Movies, “Who is a relatively well-known actor you didn’t really like or care for until you saw their performance in one movie that made you go ‘oh, now I understand’?” and r/Movies, of course, delivered.

George Clooney

Eddie Redmayne

Channing Tatum

Jim Carrey

Brad Pitt

Tom Cruise

Leonardo DiCaprio

Robert Pattinson


Bradley Cooper

Cate Blanchett

Tom Hanks

Colin Farrell

Will Ferrell

Timothée Chalamet

Tom Hardy

Seann William Scott

Sam Rockwell

Keanu Reeves

Matthew McConaughey

Michael Douglas

Ryan Gosling

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