13 Royale Easter Eggs With Cheese Hiding in Tarantino Films

If you’re hunting for easter eggs, the Tarantinoverse is a great place to start.
13 Royale Easter Eggs With Cheese Hiding in Tarantino Films

What are Tarantino Films? This is a question that has been asked by movie fans for years. Some say that his movies are an acquired taste, while others claim that he is one of the best filmmakers out there today. Regardless of how you feel about his work, it's hard to deny that Tarantino's films are unique and instantly recognizable. Tarantino films are a unique genre of film that seem to polarize audiences. Some people love them, and some people hate them. But what makes Tarantino's films so different from other films?

Many Tarantino fans may not know this, but he has a habit of placing Easter eggs in his films that reference other movies. For example, there is a scene in Pulp Fiction where Vincent and Jules are discussing the philosophical implications of what kind of sandwich they're going to get, and Jules mentions Royale with Cheese. This is a reference to Quentin Tarantino's first movie, Reservoir Dogs. In fact, Royale with Cheese pops up in several Tarantino movies in different forms. So what's the significance? Some believe that it's Tarantino's way of paying homage to the greats who have influenced him as a filmmaker. Others believe that it's simply his way of having fun with his audience and adding an extra level of intrigue.

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