15 Hilarious Celebrity Insults and Burns from ‘Family Guy’

‘Family Guy’ never pulls its punches, and celebs make for a great punching bag
15 Hilarious Celebrity Insults and Burns from ‘Family Guy’

There are three things Family Guy is known for: cutaways, pop-culture references and celebrity takedowns. Today, we’re saluting the latter. Whether they’re biting critiques or said in good fun with the cooperation of the famous person, Family Guy knows how to knock celebrities and their mystique down a peg to keep us laughing while said celebrities continue to stay rich.

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Here are some of the best celebrity insults and hilarious takedowns from Family Guy...

Christina Aguilera

Peter didn’t hold back when he told Aguilera that she offended all five senses.

Seth Rogen

Bonus points for getting Rogen to actually voice this.

The Baldwin Brothers

Family Guy took a shot at all of the Baldwin brothers for being less successful than Alec. However, years later, Alec would take a shot that he’d regret for the rest of his life.

Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal

Even their dad thinks they’re both just awful.

George Clooney

Peter may be the “second best Homer,” but at least he’s not smug about his practical jokes.

The Kardashians, the O.J. Simpson Trial and Late-Night TV

Stewie and Brian get island castaways caught up on the important things.

Bill Cosby

Family Guy updated the old Cosby Show intro with what we now know about the one-time “America’s Dad.”


It’s odd how Peter, his father and Brian all agree on one thing: They’re all smarter than Madonna.

Anna Paquin

It’s hard to tell what makes Peter more upset: Paquin’s breasts or the writing of True Blood.

An Assortment of White Celebrities

In a song mockingly celebrating the contributions of Caucasians, Peter takes jabs at Enimem, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Jon Heder and so many more.

Britney Spears

Listen, she’s been through a lot and has had a lot of unfair criticism, but this is still pretty funny.

Sylvester Stallone

We all have to make choices when we get ready in the morning. Sly just has Mr. Potato Head options.

Madonna (Again)

It’s just a dangerous game of Truth or Dare that says it all.

Kanye West

This seems like less of a joke and more of a premonition with each passing year.

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