20 Behind-The-Scenes Accidents (That Show How Dangerous Filmmaking Can Be)

20 Behind-The-Scenes Accidents (That Show How Dangerous Filmmaking Can Be)

Writing about movies on the Internet means that the greatest job hazard we risk is crippling back pain. And the infinite amount of sexy images the web has to offer, and a climate that laughs in the face of our stubborn concern for “the economy” – okay, and existential despair in the face of the meaninglessness of it all. So yeah, it’s a hazardous job, we say with a cigarette dangling from our lips as we try a new bad boy persona. But writing about movies on the Internet still doesn’t compare to how dangerous making actual movies can be.

How dangerous can that be, you ask? Well, our last name is Dange— no, wait, that doesn’t even make sense. OK, yes: it can get really dangerous. To prove our point, we now examine 20 behind-the-scenes accidents. Some of them are minor, but most of them are serious stuff, even leading to the deaths of members of the cast and crew. In most cases, the accidents resulted from hubris, random errors, dumb oversights, sheer negligence, or Jackie Chan’s relentless commitment to making badass action films. So sit straight to nip that coming back pain in the bud, and take a look at these 20 tragic on-set disasters.

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