20 Kickass Facts About Jackie Chan (To Remind Us Why We Love Jackie Chan)

We pay tribute to a true legend (who could kick our butts).
20 Kickass Facts About Jackie Chan (To Remind Us Why We Love Jackie Chan)

We here at Cracked absolutely love Jackie Chan, and are saddened every day by the fact he has never made a movie with Jet Li. In fact, we have discussed Chan’s insane contributions to mental health for a while now, as well as the broader, classic Hong Kong action scene. But this truly bears screaming from the rooftops (while hanging there like an absolute maniac): Jackie Chan is an undeniable legend, even with the, erm, not so cool aspects of his life, which we will briefly touch on. Jackie Chan is an insanely charismatic and talented artist who has tortured himself for almost 60 years just for our entertainment – although, we’re sorry to insist on this, but he has never done a movie with Jet Li, so he still friggin’ owes us.

Anyway, while there are many contenders, Jackie Chan might as well be the best martial artist cinema has ever seen. And we truly don’t mean to be disrespectful to people like Donnie Yen or Tony Jaa or Michelle “my latest movie kicks all the asses” Yeoh, it is just a matter of acknowledging the man, his talent, and his history. Hell, Jackie Chan is so cool that even awful movies like The Tuxedo haven’t diminished his legacy. Look, at the risk of getting all corny here, what we guess we really want to say is – What? What’s that? He already has a movie with Jet Li? And they fight with ugly, post-The Matrix wire-fu? But why? That would obviously just ruin the potential brutality of their fight scen – wait, what? It’s a family movie in which they play second fiddle to a white kid?? Alright, enjoy this Pictofact, we have to go scream from a rooftop.

Breaking Into Hollywood

CRACKED.COM Jackie Chan Не tried several times to break into Hollywood. 1980's The Big Brawl, 1981's The Cannonball Run, and 1985's The Protector all failed (and in fact, sucked). Не finally succeeded in 1995 with Rumble in the Bronx.

Source: Wikipedia

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