16 Surprising (True) Facts About Awful People

16 Surprising (True) Facts About Awful People

Listen, we come here not to rehabilitate history's biggest monsters…just to call them effing weirdos. When. you have supreme power in your country, who's going to stop you from indulging your wildest fantasies? Want hockey in the desert? Who's going to stop you? You're the one with nukes! Also, did you know what one of the greatest military tacticians and generals once got defeated by an army of rabbits, like some pathetic Knight of Camelot ignoring the advice of Tim The Enchanter? 

We could totally summarize the following people's lives with stats about the damage they inflicted on the world. And boy of boy, did these dudes do a lot of damage. But everyone knows about that. The real interesting facts about them concern their very weird private lives. This info won't make you change your mind and start liking them, but it will tell you about a side you never thought existed.

17 Surprising (True) Facts About Awful People - Mussolini left a 1,200-word document hidden inside a metal box under a Roman obelisk. The idea was tha
Source: BBC

17 Surprising (True) Facts About Awful People - Wrote the historian Suetonius, “covered with the skin of some wild animal, he was let loose from a cag
Source: Lexundria
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