30 Future Predictions That Were Goofily Off Base

30 Future Predictions That Were Goofily Off Base

We understand that it's impossible to predict the future, and all of us have the capacity to say something truly stupid about the way we think the world is going to go… But wow, in retrospect, some of the following predictions people have made about technology and culture are so hilariously off base that you can't help but point and laugh. Hindsight may be 20/20, but the idea that the internet was ever seen as anything other than the world and economy changing tidal wave that it became feels insane… And the same goes for other popular things like the telephone or movies! 

If we ever do manage to figure out how time travel works, the first thing some of these people may want to do when they fire up that flux capacitor is find their past selves and put their foot in their own mouths to prevent some of these truly dumb predictions. 

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