50 Gaming Moments That Made Us Instantly Rage Quit

50 Gaming Moments That Made Us Instantly Rage Quit

This one's for all of you non-gamers out there, all of you readers who happened to come to learn about gaming but don't consider computer games to be your thing. We appreciate the cupcakes out of you, dear reader. We also commend your efforts to understand a hobby you're not familiar with. We also appreciate you not stealing our lunch money. The thing is, that joke doesn’t even work anymore since video games are so universally loved. So, who’s the freak now? Oh, wait, still us? Okay.

It's fine if you're not a gamer. In reality, many of my favorite people aren't players. Everyone has their own set of hobbies, dislikes, and priorities, which is perfectly normal.

It's simple to see why you wouldn't be enticed to acquire a new activity if you've never really had a satisfying experience with such a video game or if you simply need to have that time and cost for anything else.

Video games are a fun and soothing pastime... until they aren't. Here are some of the times that temporarily made us despise the entire medium of video gaming.

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