Fox News’ Favorite Reformed Feminist Roasts Jesse Watters for Hilariously Missing the Joke

Madi Hart convinced the entire conservative internet that liberal women will abandon their beliefs for a free drink
Fox News’ Favorite Reformed Feminist Roasts Jesse Watters for Hilariously Missing the Joke

TikTok comedian accidentally tricked Jesse Watters, Matt Walsh and rest of the conservative culture warriors into thinking they can bring feminists back to the patriarchy and into their beds by buying them a drink. No one make an Instagram video about how holding the door for a woman automatically gets you laid, or else the foyer of the Fox News building will be a bloodbath.

Madi Hart is a Los Angeles-based sketch and stand-up comic who regularly pokes fun at online gender discourse on her popular TikTok page. I know all that because, unlike Watters and the segment producers at Fox, I try to spend at least five seconds Googling a subject before speaking on it with authority, lest I look like an absolute buffoon in front of the entire internet. Last month, Hart posted an 86-second sketch on TikTok in which she claimed to have gone on a date with a “guy’s guy” who convinced her to abandon her soyboy, bisexual, leftist taste in lovers by making the bold and masculine move to… pay for the date. In the video, Hart swoons with exaggerated infatuation while describing how her date gave her his credit card to buy them a round of drinks at a bar, closing the sketch with the blatantly sarcastic line, “It might be time for me to get away from all these liberal snowflakes.”

Hart’s sketch quickly blew up on the conservative side of social media with alt-right podcaster and provocateur Matt Walsh earnestly boosting the video’s virality by claiming that the comedian’s testimonial is proof of feminism’s failure. The sketch even made it onto Jesse Watters Primetime, where the watered-down Tucker Carlson clone used it as evidence that the “death of masculinity” gives conservative men an advantage in the dating pool, even when they’re courting feminists, because Fox News-watchers are the only manly alpha males who are man enough to pick up the tab. 


Hilariously, as Hart notes, the only reason she found out that she was Fox News’ anti-feminist icon was because Hart’s conservative father called her to congratulate her on the national media appearance and commend her for her choice in men. Additionally, Watters and his producers unintentionally outed Hart for her bisexuality to all her Republican relatives, making the segment one of the most magnificent closet-exits in the history of conservative journalism.

Any straight, bisexual or pansexual man who actually goes on dates understands that, even in hyper-woke liberal hellscapes like Los Angeles, paying for a drink in itself isn’t enough to get a woman to go to bed with you, let alone to make her abandon her personal beliefs. Contrary to what the entire right-wing media apparently thinks, liberal men also like getting laid, so, if picking up the check was an automatic cheat code to dating success, no woman in California would ever pay for her own hard kombucha again.

If flashing some cash is all you need to do to sleep with someone who is diametrically opposed to your ideology, then there are 787 million reasons why Fox News is going to fuck Dominion.


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