Tucker Carlson Has Found the Perfect Lead-in for His Twitter Show — ‘Dilbert’

With Scott Adams’ recent announcement, Twitter is the unofficial hub for unemployed racists
Tucker Carlson Has Found the Perfect Lead-in for His Twitter Show — ‘Dilbert’

When Candace Owens’ husband sought to create a platform for the commentators and content creators of the conservative movement who had been ostracized from mainstream social media sites with Parler in 2018, it’s a shame that no one told him that he could save his money and achieve the same ends by waiting until Elon Musk bought Twitter.

Shortly after Tucker Carlson was ousted from Fox News following a $787.5 million defamation settlement involving his claims of election fraud and the revelation of some predictably racist text messages, Carlson announced that he would be taking his talents to Twitter, declaring in a tweet last week, “We’re back.

Then, with Twitter seemingly expanding its range of conservative-focused content into full-length news shows, another formerly mainstream and recently disgraced racist has lent his services to diversify Twitter’s offerings — on Tuesday, Scott Adams announced that he is moving his once-beloved comic strip Dilbert to Twitter with Dilbert Reborn, a “spicier” reboot that will no doubt deliver all the jokes not fit to print in the newspapers that recently dumped him.

Twitter is beginning to become the bastion for right-leaning mouthpieces who were more-or-less fired from their jobs for being too racist. With a news show and a comic strip on the books, Twitter likely needs a pure performer to round out the racist trifecta of new content. We hear Roseanne Barr might be in need of a day job.

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