All the Awful Possible Collides in a Scene from the ‘Dilbert’ Episode of ‘NewsRadio’

All the Awful Possible Collides in a Scene from the ‘Dilbert’ Episode of ‘NewsRadio’

Usually when Joe Rogan is the least controversial comedy figure in a room, it’s because Ben Shapiro is doing JRE.

But in the midst of Dilbert creator Scott Adams’ ongoing racist meltdown, filmmaker and VFX artist Todd Vaziri unearthed a long-forgotten scene from the underrated and tragically cut-short 1990s sitcom NewsRadio that shows three of 2023’s most contentious comedic artists sharing a screen 30 years ago. The “deeply cursed” screengrab is from an episode in the show’s third season wherein Andy Dick’s character Matthew Brock becomes fixated on Dilbert, and the comic’s creator appeared in a one-scene cameo in which Dick, Adams and Rogan all wait in line at a coffee shop.

The topical trio had the prescience to align themselves in descending order of derangement.

Dick’s transgressions are as much public knowledge as they are a part of court records — most infamously, he has been accused of starting a grim chain reaction that led to his NewsRadio co-star Phil Hartman’s death. Adams, of course, is in the middle of a steep downward spiral in which he has called Black Americans a “hate group” and told his white followers (meaning his only followers) to “get the hell away from them.” Rogan’s history of platforming conspiracy theorists and disseminating COVID disinformation is comically quaint compared to the controversies of his scene partners from 1996.

If, god forbid, Dave Foley has some kind of public implosion in which he starts groping teenagers and spouting crap about skull shapes and microchips, his third of a face in the screenshot will force us to rename the image the Four Horsemen of Our Boring Apocalypse.

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