Comedian Unwillingly Featured in Tucker Carlson’s Awful Comedy Documentary Is Joining Antifa in Protest

Comedian Unwillingly Featured in Tucker Carlson’s Awful Comedy Documentary Is Joining Antifa in Protest

In The Death of Comedy, Tucker Carlson really tried to defend a comedian who’s still laughing at him for wanting to fuck a candy mascot.

This past Wednesday, Carlson released the exposé in which the conservative mouthpiece tread no new ground as he asserted the exhausting claim that “cancel culture killed comedy” by pointing to the silencing of Grammy-award winner Dave Chappelle and the cancellation of Louis C.K., a man who sold out Madison Square Garden barely two weeks ago, as proof that the woke mob is destroying comedians’ careers. The bevy of new comedy specials destined to spark outrage from both sides of the political spectrum will likely give Carlson the material he needs to declare comedy dead every month until his heart gives out from all the Fox News-sponsored pharmaceuticals.

As they scrambled to find silenced comedians whose voices they could steal to support their stupid premise, Carlson’s team found a viral video of comedian Troy Bond being called racist by a heckler and used it as the opener for the documentary’s promo without Bond’s permission. Just like that, antifa found a new soldier.

The clip in question is from a “Heckler Destruction Video” in which Bond, a mixed-race L.A.-based comedian, is interrupted by a heckler who accuses Bond of racism over some decidedly benign jokes about Donald Trump. Bond expertly quelled the outburst and calmed the crowd, and the clip became Bond’s most-viewed YouTube video to date with more than 20 times the views of his second most popular post. Bond, clearly not enthused by Carlson’s implication that he was somehow “canceled” by the biggest stand-up set of his career,  can most likely be found wearing all black and committing false flags for Carlson’s favorite scapegoat.

Bond isn’t the only comedian who was surprised by Carlson’s “support” – writer and comedian Nimesh Patel was astonished that Carlson had used a clip from his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience after Patel had turned down the offer to speak in the documentary. Patel tweeted at Carlson, “Hey clown, your whole documentary is wrong. I see you only used my Rogan clip because I said no to your producers. This take is stupid.”

Meanwhile, Carlson and his ilk are launching sexist attacks at Chelsea Handler for daring to promote a childfree lifestyle in a silly video she made for The Daily Show in which she travels back in time and kills Hitler in the time she saved by not raising a family. Definitely not funny. Nope, funny is when Fox lawyers literally say you can't believe the facts Tucker Carlson tells you.

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