TikTok Claps Back at Stand-Up Who Ripped Gen Z for Not Knowing How to Read Cursive

An inane ‘kids these days’ bit drew the ire of the TikTok generation
TikTok Claps Back at Stand-Up Who Ripped Gen Z for Not Knowing How to Read Cursive

If Gen Z ever actually launches the “revolution” they keep talking about, they’d better watch out for Gen X resistance fighters armed with stamps and paper maps.

Any time you open up TikTok, you’re likely to see at least one clip of a stand-up comic trying to go viral on the platform skewed toward those who don’t remember a time when the internet was accessed in increments of 1,000 hours on a CD stuffed into a magazine. However, many of these aspiring social media stars would most likely prefer anonymity over virality for the wrong reasons — such as being the subject of scathing stitches in response to a stand-up bit skewering the younger generation for their unfamiliarity with the obsolete. 

Karen Morgan of Athens, Georgia found herself in that situation this week. The comedian recently went viral for a video segment from her Dry Bar Comedy special Karen Morgan: Rub Some Dirt on It that was posted to the stand-up platform’s TikTok page. The clip is an excerpt from Morgan’s routine on the differences between each generation, and her take on Gen Z was less-than-warmly received by the denizens of TikTok. Dry Bar Comedy would have had more success screening Fever Pitch at Yankee Stadium.


The clip itself is innocuous, if not misguided — like, when the hell will anyone ever need to use cursive again, Gen X or Gen Z? — but the endless deluge of condescending “kids these days” jokes coming from old fogies who are unaware of their own blindspots was enough for the content creators who can’t (and will never need to) send a letter to grandma over snail mail to pounce on Morgan’s routine with their own takes on the generation gap.

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