‘Why Is Hunter Biden Chafing Your Crack?’: Doug Stanhope Kicked Off Jesse Watters’ Show in Less Than Two Minutes

Stanhope laid into Fox News for its presidential family obsession and told a raunchy story from his own home life before getting the hook
‘Why Is Hunter Biden Chafing Your Crack?’: Doug Stanhope Kicked Off Jesse Watters’ Show in Less Than Two Minutes

Despite everything going on in the world right now, Jesse Watters and the rest of the right-wing mainstream media still can’t stop talking about Hunter Biden. Over the course of 90 seconds, Doug Stanhope gave Watters and his producers plenty to discuss besides the presidential failson as the comic ensured that Watters will never invite another comedian on his show without an itchy trigger finger on the dump button.

As comedy’s most prominent and vocal libertarian (a label he wears with all the grace and comfort of an ill-fitting plaid suit), Stanhope should, on paper, have some common ground with the Fox News host whom the Murdoch family has chosen to be their Tucker Carlson. However, when Watters invited Stanhope to appear on Jesse Watters Primetime yesterday, the topic of conversation was not small government or private property. No, instead, Watters brought Stanhope on in hopes that he’d join his host in overreacting to a Daily Show sketch that supposedly glorified President Biden’s troubled son as part of Watters’ parodical political media ouroboros that says nothing about anything important while he reacts to the other side’s reactions.

Unfortunately for Watters, Stanhope had no patience for his host’s insipid insights or obsession with non-stories. All in a single breath, Stanhope lambasted Watters for his fixation on the president’s family and derailed the segment with a story of sleeping with his brother’s bride before Watters cut his feed. 

Following the cut-short cameo on Fox News, Stanhope took to Twitter to apologize to fans who were excited to see the full segment. “I didn't intend to get thrown off til way later,” Stanhope wrote, "I went off script."

Fox News itself seems to be struggling with the reaction to Stanhope's PG-13 appearance as they posted a video of the segment on their site before quickly taking it down. One incensed Jesse Watters fan expressed his disapproval of Stanhope's on social media, writing to the comic, “@DougStanhope on national tv billed as a “comedian” but just came across as a drunk thinking he is funny.  Way to turn people off funny man.” Stanhope quickly retweeted the feedback.

While Stanhope's unsavory language and signature rambling may not have won him any fans from the Fox News crowd, Watters should be thanking him for making the first salient point about the media's coverage of presidential family members in the history of the network. And, though the comic wasn't exactly polite to his host, Stanhope still treated Watters better than he did his own brother.

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