13 Funny Jokes About How Much Landlords Suck

We can’t help you with rent, but we can help you laugh at the people collecting it
13 Funny Jokes About How Much Landlords Suck

Rent sucks, and we’re not talking about the musical (at least not in this article). Who demands rent? Landlords. Who doesn’t fix your stuff? Landlords. Who thinks that passive income should be more than the actual income from real jobs? Republicans. Also, landlords.

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Landlords suck, and comedians know that better than anyone (except maybe Hannibal Buress). Here are some of the best jokes, sketches and bits about people who are somehow more aggravating than politicians...

Skeletor Leases Snake Mountain

Sometimes, you have to rent out your villainous lair to pay the mortgage. Trying to kill a musclebound space god-man isn’t as profitable as being a landlord to frat boys.

Mr. Robinson Introduces Mr. Landlord

Eddie Murphy’s Mr. Robinson teaches the children essential skills and life lessons. Like how to deal with eviction notices.

Sheng Wang Tries to Make His Landlord Proud

“When I first moved to New York, I didn’t know that every time you renew your lease in New York City, the rent has to go up every time. New York City landlords are like, ‘You have one year to get 10 percent better!’ My parents never gave me that kind of pressure. I felt like I was in New York City trying to make my landlord proud. I felt like I was trying to buy my landlord a house.”

Key & Peele on When Your Landlord Randomly Shows Up

Key & Peele know what it’s like for the landlord to show up randomly for a “social call” when it’s actually to see if you’re hiding someone. Especially purple-bearded short guys named Gerald.

‘Two Guns, One Landlord’

Comedian Steph Tolev did some crowd work, and one of the audience members was an inner-city landlord. It got a little too real, REAL quick.

Dave Chappelle on the Crackhead Landlord

“If your landlord’s hooked on crack, you’ve GOT to have the rent.”

Cookie Monster: Landlord

Robot Chicken knows that “C” is actually for “cruel,” and that’s good enough to describe Cookie Monster.

Joe Lycett Trolls His Landlord

As a prank, Lycett put up a sign for a missing cat that was a picture of a fox around his workplace, which resulted in an email from his landlord regarding the strict anti-pet policy. That’s when he decided to have a little bit of fun.

Mr. Ditkovich in the ‘Spider-Man’ Films

If promises were crackers, his daughter would be fat. Mr. Ditkovich was a hilarious addition to the Raimi Spider-Man films, becoming a popular internet meme with his catchphrase, “Rent?”

Neal Brennan Gets Noble

“The worst part about having a landlord is having to call the landlord ‘landlord.’ It’s a bit of an exaggerated title, isn’t it? For a guy who rents out rooms to strangers for money? Like there’s something medieval about the whole thing. That’s why whenever I see my landlord now, just to mess with him, I’m always like (bows), ‘Mi’lord. Mi’lord, I come to thee from Apartment 4J.”

Peter Griffin: Rat Landlord

Family Guy depicts Peter as a rich landlord who gets off on crying rats. Call it controversial, but we find that weird.

‘Funny or Die’s The Landlord

As Funny Or Die was forming, this sketch came to be. And all it took was Adam McKay teaching his baby daughter swear words.

Everything About Mr. Fischoeder

Bob’s Burgers showcases everything wrong with landlords, including neglecting their property, hassling tenants and being obscenely wealthy yet demanding rent at every turn. But unlike most landlords, Fischoeder is also an entertaining, whimsical farce of a human.

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