20 'Key & Peele' Behind-The-Scenes Facts

A truly presidential sketch comedy.
20 'Key & Peele' Behind-The-Scenes Facts

Key & Peele is one of the most celebrated sketch shows throughout the 2010s. The pairing of Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key has brought in some of the most absurd yet poignant comedy in popular culture. Not many comedians would have the idea and the drive to create an existential sci-fi sketch about the writing of Family Matters.The show has cemented itself among other sketch comedy powerhouses like Saturday Night Live, The Kids In The Hall, and Mr. Show, along with other contemporaries like A Black Lady Sketch Show and I Think You Should Leave.

You all know this. But what about the stuff you didn’t know? What about the stuff that happened behind the scenes, or little inside jokes you may have overlooked?

There’s plenty to learn and discover, so let’s get to it. Here are some facts and Easter eggs about Key & Peele that you probably didn’t know about.

President Obama

CRACKED.COM KEY& PEELE THEY CREDIT PRESIDENT OBAMA FOR THE SHOW'S SUCCESS. We actually felt like Obama was kind of responsible for us even getting a show in the first place, Keegan-Michael Key has said, because there's this biracial person who might have to ride the divide between two different races.

Source: NPR

Unproduced Sketches

KEY& PEELE THEY HAVE TONS OF UNPRODUCED SKETCHES. The wall of the executive producer's office (known as Camp Awesome) has all of the unused sketch pitches written on it, numbering in the hundreds. CRACKED.COM

Source: Collider

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