I Think You Should Leave: 15 Sketches For The Hall Of Fame

Sketches even tastier than some sloppy steaks
I Think You Should Leave: 15 Sketches For The Hall Of Fame

I Think You Should Leave rocked the comedy world when it was initially released in 2019, with its new alternative approach to sketch comedy, often redefining the genre at the same time. In honor of its far-reaching impact, here are 15 sketches that will go down in history as some of the best in sketch comedy.

The Bones Are Their Money

A sketch unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. Bones, money, hair? What more could you ask for in this sketch about a country artist and his band. It’s a great sketch to introduce your friends or family to Tim Robinson and is a quotable masterpiece. This sketch also has what may be my favorite line in the whole series:

“Billy as in me or Billy as in him? 

“Your name is Billy too?” 

“No, that's why I’m so f*cking confused.”

Focus Group

One of the weirdest sketches in the shows two seasons (which is saying a lot). The sketch consists of a focus group commenting on how to improve a car model, with one eccentric member pitching ideas like “it should be too small” and “What about if it was stinky inside. If you don’t like this one, you have to marry your mother in law!


The origin of the now famous “We’re all looking for the guy who did this” meme, the Weinermobile sketch is the perfect mix of Robinson’s alt humor built around the bones of unique situational comedy. 

Bozo Dubbed Over

This one is close to the heart just for its quotability. “Bozo did the dub.” “I think this guys gonna j*ck off?” “A computer? What the f*ck? Prolly don’t got any games on it.”

Dan Flashes

If you watched the second season of ITYSL you’ve definitely walked into a store, found the most complicated shirt they have, and said “Where are we? Dan Flashes?” A great example of Tim getting incredibly pissed for no reason at all.

Coffin Flop

Coffin Flop was canceled way before its time, and there’s no debating it. Network executives got mad at naked bodies falling out of coffins? Welcome to woke-ness, America! This sketch is a great watch if you love to see dead bodies floppin’.

Prank Show AKA Karl Havoc

“I don’t wanna be around anymore.” This sketch holds a special place in my heart for the complete 180 energy shift. The sketch starts out so fun and upbeat only to end with Karl Havoc coming to terms with his own mortality.

Has This Ever Happened to You?

The sketch that introduced us to turbo time by the Turbo Team. If you had to condense ITYSL into one sketch, the constant twists and nonsensical dialogue in this sketch make it a perfect fit.


This sketch can move you to tears if you’re not careful. Tim’s dead eyes at the end, the love of his Angels and Archways belt, his commitment to not being embarrassed. It’s enough to make you want to shove a roll into your esophagus just to recreate the moment.


That's a Chunky! This sketch features Andy Samberg who also happens to be an executive producer of the show. While Andy is great, it’s hard to concentrate on anyone other than Chunky. I mean, he didn’t even take all summer to think about what he does.

Brian’s Hat

The idea of a story being told just through the testimonials of a witness on the stand is brilliant enough, but for the conversation to switch to a co-workers fedora with safari flaps, is genius. I could eat this sketch for breakfast every day.

Sloppy Steaks

Nothin says a night out with the boys like some delicious sloppy steaks. Milk steak walked so sloppy steaks could run. This sketch brought back some of the great bro-out moments of the first season in an entirely new way.

Fully Loaded Nachos

This restaurant has a rule that you can’t order nachos to share, then keep taking all the ones that are fully loaded. That’s the conceit of the sketch, and the execution is mind bending. It’s like a Curb Your Enthusiasm bit, if Larry took acid right before the date.

Pulling the Door Open

The very first sketch our eyes beheld from ITYSL, this bit sets the tone of the entire series. Tim Robinson is a pioneer for sketch comedy in that he loves to invoke the rule of making a joke, and just letting the sketch end wherever he wants before it dies down.

Detective Crashmore

If you watched Everything Everywhere All At Once and said “Oh my god! That’s Santa Clause!” then you are definitely a fan of the Detective Crashmore trailer. The sketch is a play on action movie trailer tropes, but if the actors weren’t saying things all that cool in the movie. 

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