Spider-Man's 14 Most Awkward and Weird Moments

Spider-Man's 14 Most Awkward and Weird Moments

When Stan Lee and Steve Ditko cooked up Spider-Man in the 60's there's no way they could have known what they were unleashing upon the world. Jillions of comic books, multitudes of cartoons and a recent movie where three different actors played Spidey, and it actually worked. Not bad, not bad at all.

That being said, even the greatest creations have their moments. And we're talking about the kind of moments that aren't memorable in the way they were intended to be. No, no, we're talking about the moments that make their way into internet features like this so you can enjoy a laugh or two or arch your eyebrows at the ridiculousness.

So, yeah - Spider-Man’s been through some stuff. In the movies he’s been to space, fought the Vulture, met himself, and all of that is not even close to all of what he’s done in the comics. Here are 14 moments of Spidey at his, ahem, best.

Spider-Man teamed up with the Transformers quite a bit

Spider-Man... MEETS THE TRANSFORMERS. Spider-Man: More than Meets the Eye! For years there was a Spider-Man and Transformers comic where they fought crime together - because what's better than peanut butter and micronauts?

Source: CBR

Spider-Man’s powers are mystical; he’s one in a long line of Spider Totems

Spider-Man... LEARNS THE TRUTH ABOUT HIS POWERS. Think you know the whole truth - science student bitten by a radioactive spider? Turns out he's a mystical spider totem, one of many magical Spider Men throughout the years.

Source: Marvel Database

Spider-Man got stuck in the suburbs, swinging nowhere -- adapted for Homecoming

Spider-Man... GETS STUCK IN THE SUBURBS. One issue of Spider-Man had the web-slinger in the 'burbs, where he ends up skitching, hitching rides, and just running around after the villains. This provided the inspiration for the scene in Homecoming where he has to run, Ferris Bueller- like, through people's backyards.

Source: Marvel Database

Spider-Man keeps meeting Superman -- even battling Wonder Woman, while Spidey takes on the Hulk

Spider-Man... MEETS SUPERMAN. The two heroes team up after a brief battle, as ex Luthor and Doctor Octopus attempt to control the world. They would again later meet up in a pseudo-sequel, in which Superman fights Hulk and Spider-Man fights Wonder Woman. CRACKED.COM

Source: DC Database

Spider-Man’s brain was swapped by Doc Ock, and he took over for a while

Spider-Man... SWAPS BRAINS WITH DOCK OCK. Octavius triumphed as he took over Peter Parker's body and became an edgy, darker Spider-Man - who eventually realized even he wasn't enough, and gave Parker back the reins (while making sure he had a Parker clone to put his brain in).

Source: Marvel Database

Spidey became the flying brick Captain Universe a handful of times

Spider-Man... BECOMES CAPTAIN UNIVERSE. The power of the sun in the palm of your hand! Despite being your Friendly Neighborhood Spider- Man, Peter Parker's been imbued with the Power Cosmic, becoming the flying brick Captain Universe.

Source: Spider-Man Wiki

Peter Parker and MJ retire to the suburbs when another Spider-Man takes over

Spider-Man... RETIRES (TWICE) With great power comes a great retirement plan. After Ben Reilly took over as Spider-Man, Peter Parker retired, much as he did in the Ultimate U after Miles came along - leaving them both with the job, and leaving out with Mary Jane. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBR

What it Spidey got old? He’d lose everyone he loves and then get a weird costume and be hunted by Doom, Venom or just the cops. Good thing that’s never happening.

Spider-Man... GETS OLD. What it Spidey got old? He'd lose everyone he loves and then get a weird costume and be hunted by Doom, Venom or just the cops. Good thing that's never happening. CRACKED.COM

Source: Spider Man Crawlspace

Spider-Man’s haunted by a centipede monster who turns out to be two deranged clones created by Norman Osborn

Spider-Man... FACES A CENTIPEDE MONSTER. Spider-Man's sins don't let him go. A centipede monster named Kindred attacks him and his loved ones before being revealed as two people - clones of Gwen Stacy's children with Norman Osborn. Sorta.

Source: Games Radar

Spider-Man revealed his identity as part of a Make a Wish-esque routine

Spider-Man... REVEALS HIS IDENTITY TO A DYING CHILD. Spider-Man Make a Wish! In one issue, Spidey visits a kid and swings him around the city like a personal chauffeur, before eventually revealing his identity to him... because the kid is dying. CRACKED.COM

Source: Spider-Man Wiki

Mephisto erased Spider-Man’s marriage to stop their daughter, the only one who could beat him, from being born

Spider-Man... HAS A DAUGHTER WHO SAVES THE WORLD. THAT SO? YEAH...BUT FRANKLY I'D RATHER TAKE AFTER MY MOM. SHE'S BEAUTIFUL. WELL, I'M SURE YOU'LL GROW UP TO BE VERY BEAUTIFUL. AND WHAT IF I NE VER GROW UP? One More Day erased Spider-Man and Mary-Jane's marriage, and only recently has it been revealed why. If he and MJ have a daughter, she'll eventually be the one hero who can beat the devil. CRACKED.COM

Source: Bleeding Cool

Spider-Man was cloned into a girl, who later dated Johnny Storm

Spider-Man... GETS GIRL-CLONED. Spider-Man was cloned... into a girl. The two remained friends, with her going on to date Johnny Storm, validating all of our fan fics. CRACKED.COM

Source: Marvel Database

Spider-CEO loses everything after going on globe trotting adventures

Spider-Man... BECOMES A CEO. Chief Executive Spider - and lead of Parker Industries. Peter Parker, boy billionaire, became a globe trotting James-Bond-meets-Iron-Man for a short while in comics, before Parker luck cashed in its chips and he ended up couch surfing again. CRACKED COM

Source: Bleeding Cool


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