If the idea of a “friendly neighborhood” anything seems a little quaint, then maybe we all need to get bitten by a radioactive neighborhood. Or radioactive friend. Thankfully, in times of trouble and division, one high schooler can unite us all: Peter Parker. Heck, he can even unite us across multiverses! Just as long as he stays off Broadway. And away from our romance.

Yes, the masked memelord of Queens is favorite of ours at Cracked, partially because of consistently groundbreaking he's been for Marvel as a film and TV product (and meme factory). The 90s animated series provided a blueprint for the Oscar-winning Into The Spider-Verse, while Sam Raimi's films made “successful comic book movies” a plausible thing (along with X-Men, but they're another page). Can we imagine a world without comic book movies? Why would we even want to?

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