15 (Slightly Radioactive) Facts About 'Spider-Man: The Animated Series'

The show that set the groundwork for Marvel's success in the 21st century.
15 (Slightly Radioactive) Facts About 'Spider-Man: The Animated Series'

The show that infamously allowed no punching, that featured the jankiest CGI outside of a scratched PS1 game demo, with a legacy leading to one of the worst Spider-Man adaptations ever… this is also the show that led to No Way Home, Blade, and maybe the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hold on, so… We’ll get to Blade (see down below), but Avi Arad was using this show as a testing ground to see how to make an actual, live-action Spider-Man movie. He even used scripts as pitches for movies. Avi Arad would eventually (after this show was canceled and Unlimited was canned) make the Raimiverse Spidey films, which (along with the X-Men films) featured a young Kevin Feige, a junior producer working for Arad. It was from Spider-Man’s success (and we mean Spider-Man: The Animated Series’ success) that Fiege began working on Marvel films, and Marvel films became a profitable thing, the two keys that led to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which is why, despite Arad being a complete tool who viewed every movie as nothing but a toy commercial (and for that reason wanted the disabled elderly woman cut from the show, because who would want that toy?) he is thanked for his work in bringing about the Spider-Man series in Spider-Man: No Way Home – and the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Which means, yes… this show is responsible for Jared Leto’s Michael Morbius. If it were able to, we’re sure it’d apologize.

George Takei

CRACKED.COM spider Man Animated George Takei Takei portrayed Wong, the MCU's current Sorcerer Supreme,in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

Spider-Man Unlimited

CRACKED.COM spider Man Animated spider-Man Unlimited The show was at one point about (the now Oscar Isaac's) Spider-Man 2099, but execs panicked about Batman Beyond similarities and they shoved Peter Parker into an alternate world instead.

Secret Wars

CRACKED.COM spider Man Animated secret wars Long before the MCU opened up the Multiverse, Spider-Man was fighting against a god-like being as well as Hulk, X-Men and dozens of villains in this adaptation of Secret Wars.

Jack the Ripper

CRACKED.COM spider Man Animated Jack the Ripper The sixth season would've featured a trip to the 19th century, and revealed that Jack the Ripper was Carnage.


CRACKED.COM spider Man Animated Hydro-Man Sandman was off-limits because he was supposed to appear in James Cameron's Spider- Man movie that was never made - so the much more obscure Hydro-Man took his place.

Source: CBR

Spider-Man's Father

CRACKED.COM spider Man Animated spider-Man's Father Avid Arad, who has produced every Spider-Man adaptation since the '90s, is the reason the show was canceled. Не and the head of Fox were playing mind games with each other and when time came to renew, the head of Fox tried to torpedo Arad... who went on to make Spider-Man.

Story Arcs

spider Man Animated story Arcs Despite almost being fired already, showrunner John Semper, Jr. ignored orders and added season-long arcs, because he wanted to make the best terrible CGI, overly censored, Fox Kids show he could. CRACKED.COM


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