Spider-Man in the MCU was a dream that was too good to come to pass, at least in this lifetime. The idea of a unified Marvel Universe? Please, that’s like the idea of ever getting to see the Snyder Cut. A beautiful yet hopeless Silver Screen dream. However, we do have a lot of info on how Spidey’s last three movies and the MCU would’ve been different had Peter Parker actually joined the Cool Kids Club run by Kevin Feige instead of being stuck as the coolest kid in math class, helping build Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. 

Of course in both series the multiverse is now open so who knows what the future holds. All these endless possibilities… other worlds, other peoples, other Spiders. And all of them separated by two giant evil corporations. 

But it’s neat to think about What Ifs? Like what if Spider-Man was in the MCU instead of a Sony production.

Nick Fury

What if Spider-man was in the MCU? Of course, the reason we all awaited Spidey was Nick Fury's famous closing speech. As if gamma accidents, radioactive bug bites, and assorted mutants weren't enough, I have to deal with a spoiled brat who doesn't play well with others, and wants to keep all his toys to himself. But it almost didn't happen, replaced by a dryer version. CRACKED.COM

The Avengers

What if Spider-man was in the MCU? Avenger Spider Peter would've become an official Avenger at the end of his first film. CRACKED.COM

My Ordinary Life

What if Soider-man was in the MCU? I am Spider-Man. Had Peter become an Avenger, one draft had him reveal himself to the world like Iron Man. CRACKED.COM

Doctor Strange

What if Spider-man was in the MCU? Doctor Strange would've helped Spidey. Originally, Strange was to help Peter out with the multiverse, instead of Madame Web. CRACKED.COM

Civil War

What if Spider-man was in the MCU? Spider-Man almost was in Civil War. He'd have been on Iron-Man's side. CRACKED.COM

Sinister Six

What if Spider-man was in the MCU? There was a Sinister Six movie planned. Before the reboot, Marvel planned to have Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man meet Captain America in a Sinister Six film. CRACKED.COM

Source: Screen Rant

Iron Man

What if Spider-man was in the MCU? Iron Man, Jr? Instead of making Peter a science genius, Tony Stark was originally going to give him his suit. CRACKED.COM

Captain America

What if Spider-man was in the MCU? Captain America's sidekick? Andrew Garfield almost stayed as Spider-Man, crossing over into the MCU and meeting Captain America. CRACKED.COM

MCU Heroes

What if Spider-man was in the MCU? America Chavez was to meet all three Spideys. Instead of just the Peters, other MCU heroes would've fought at the battle on Ellis Island, including Doctor Strange and America Chavez. CRACKED.COM

Source: /Film


What if Spider-man was in the MCU? The end credits trailer for Life almost didn't happen. This Sony film almost stayed independent, despite featuring the exact story of Venom's origins. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vulture

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