When 'Spider-Man' Unwittingly Unleashed The Worst Easter Egg

When 'Spider-Man' Unwittingly Unleashed The Worst Easter Egg

Spider-Man's popularity skyrocketed past the moon with the consecutive releases of Spider-Man for the PS4, Into The Spider-Verse, and No Way Home. For most people, the wall-crawler will remain a top-tier hero until Sony's hubris blindsides the company into believing fans are finally ready for a solo Paul Giamatti Rhino movie. However, for fan Tyler Schultz, Spider-Man is the literal poster boy for the biggest humiliation in the shape of an Easter egg one could ever imagine.

Chances are that you know that PS4's Spider-Man is an amazing game. That's owed in no small amount to Insomniac Games' ability to double as the Jesus of game development, in the sense that they'll please fans even if they have to suffer for it.

Insomniac famously released the costume from the original Spider-Man trilogy completely free of charge even though a large group of trolls took to harassing the development team for not releasing it fast enough. Sadly, they also did another favor, this time not for all fans, but just for Tyler Schultz, a man who'd asked for help proposing to his girlfriend. In response, the team created a marquee in the game that would feature Schultz's proposal by the time of the game's release. That's so cute, right? Schultz even uploaded a video to YouTube thanking Insomniac games for the help, but then had to retract because, by the time the game came out, Schultz's girlfriend had not merely dumped him but allegedly even dumped him to start dating his own brother.


The first mistake was probably making her girlfriend think Spider-Man wanted to marry her.

In reality, however, she really did dump Schultz and denied hooking up with his brother, stating they are just friends. Furthermore, she doesn't even like video games, only sitting through them due to her (at the time) love for Schultz. Huh, our relationship-sense is tingling and telling us she probably did the right thing.

Top Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment


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