Today was Spider-Man: No Way Home’s original release date and that changed, but what’s new for this movie? Movies are big, huge moving things with a lot of fragile pieces, and sometimes they break, and always they change, and that includes the biggest and best movies too. Spider-Man: No Way Home, the final film in the Tom Holland trilogy, changed dozens of times before we finally got the somewhat self-indulgent, very fun movie that a lot of people love and everyone else seems vaguely meh about. 

The easter egg-filled film took so much time to make, it’s no surprise that the film changed as much as it did. Throughout though, the film always had one common element – make Parker suffer and change everything.

From different villains to entirely different storylines, here are some interesting ways that No Way Home changed during its production -- production time spent mostly on rewriting and reworking the script on a daily basis, so time for lots and lots of changes…

Peter was going to be remembered

The Spider-Man: No Way Home we didn't get Alternate ending Peter No More! In the canon ending, Peter is forgotten across the world... but in a rumored alternate ending, Peter is remembered by everyone, and goes into the future, a superhero known to all - the most famous man in the world. CRACKED.COM

Source: Yahoo News

America Chavez was going to be here

The Spider-Man: No Way Home we didn't get America Chavez America Chavez originally was set to star in the film, even being rumored to bring in the other Peters, before she was written out as No Way Home was switched to release first. CRACKED.COM

Source: The Direct

Mysterio was going to return

The Spider-Man: No Way Home we didn't get Mysterio Resurrected, reincarnated, an illusion, a multiversal invader... the writers thought of a lot of different ways to bring Mysterio back, before leaving him as the silent sixth member of the club, inspiring the whole plot by exposing Peter

Source: Screen Rant

The Green Goblin was just another baddie

The Spider-Man: No Way Home we didn't get Green Goblin no more Originally the Goblin wasn't the main villain, just another one for Peter to cure. CRACKED.COM

Source: MovieWeb

The Sinister Six were only to appear at the end

The Spider-Man: No Way Home we didn't get Original tag of the movie The end is the beginning. Originally, the entire multiversal Sinister Six(ish) were relegated to a post-credit tease for the third movie, before taking over the film itself entirely. CRACKED.COM

Source: Screen Rant

The original idea was Kraven's First Hunt

The Spider-Man: No Way Home we didn't get Kraven The original Spider-Man 3 was Kraven's First Hunt. CRACKED.COM

Source: LRMonline

There were rumors about the Scorpion

The Spider-Man: No Way Home we didn't get Scorpion The Scorpion was rumored as a secondary villain for Spider-Man 3 before the multiverse took over. CRACKED.COM

Source: Epicstream

The marketing was going to lie about the movie

The Spider-Man: No Way Home we didn't get The fake movie Originally the film's marketing was going to frame the movie as Spider-Man versus Doctor Strange, hiding the villains and the other Spideys entirely, pretending it was a completely different movie. CRACKED.COM

Source: Den of Geek

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