14 Great Dark Humor Jokes from Adult Swim’s ‘Robot Chicken’

14 Great Dark Humor Jokes from Adult Swim’s ‘Robot Chicken’

Robot Chicken has a simple yet effective formula: “What if (insert intellectual property here) was gritty and/or perverted?” 

With its crude, yet hilarious stop-motion animation, Robot Chicken has poured buckets of artificial blood, Play-Doh poop and fake vomit all over thousands of action figures in its 11-season-long run on Adult Swim. This means things can get dark on the show. Really dark.

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With that in mind, here are some of the darkest jokes and sketches Robot Chicken has ever conjured up...

Bop It

It might not look like it, but Bop It can be a violent toy.

Intensive Care Bears

It’s sometimes a good thing for young kids to have a friend who can understand their life-debilitating condition. Sometimes.

Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers: Best Friends

Joker’s Execution

While many Batman fans wonder why and how Joker doesn’t just get the death penalty after all the crimes he’s committed, Robot Chicken shows why no one might deserve such a fate — even Joker.

Care Bear Genocide

Care-a-Lot goes nuts when the Care Bears decide the non-bear Care Bear Cousins should die for their franchise to live. Anyway, enjoy New Jersey.

She Tried

Feudal France

Beauty and the Beast made feudal France appear somewhat charming and a simpler time, but there’s a lot more disease and injustice than what Disney portrayed. Just as much singing though.


Based on a real-life terrorist attack at the 1972 Olympics, Robot Chicken decided to turn Steven Spielberg’s 2005 drama Munich into a Hanna-Barberan nightmare.

Aw, Look at the Baby!

Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin & Hobbes seems whimsical, but if you look deep into it like Robot Chicken did, it can be far more disturbing.

Fruity Pebbles

So many lives would have been saved if someone just gave Barney his own box of Fruity Pebbles cereal.

Gummy Bear Trap

If you’ve ever chowed down on a gummy bear by biting its little nubby limbs off before eating the rest of it whole, this is the PSA for you.

Pegasus Abuse

It’s almost a challenge to make something as beautiful and noble as a mythical pegasus into something dark and twisted, but somehow Robot Chicken did it.

The Darkest Sketch in Television History

This sketch is an R-rated Lifetime movie but with multiple endings like Clue. It’s also the darkest comedy sketch ever. At least the darkest one to include a tooth fairy.

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