15 Hidden Gems In Cereal Boxes Through The Years

15 Hidden Gems In Cereal Boxes Through The Years

Sugar, a cartoon mascot, and once in a while, a jaw-dropping toy in the box… Cereal has always had us begging our parents for more. Here’s 15 absolute gems found in cereal boxes over the years.

Poppin' Ships

Poppin'Ships CRACKED.COM Real life Battleship, anyone? In the 1960's Cap'n Crunch offered 3 handheld galleon ships with a little button that, if hit with a flicked marble, would explode into pieces.

Source: MeTV

Steve Urkel for President campaign buttons

Steve Urkel For President Campaign Buttons Urkelos Urkelos Ralston SWEETENED DEREAL NEW! - URKEL IDM PRESIDENT FREE CAMPRIGE INSIDE HOLIDE WASHINGTON WIN YOUR - - by TRIP . D.C.I TO NET WT 11 OZ 2mg CRACKED.COM Not enough 90s nostalgia out there for ya? Love him or barely tolerate him, Steve Urkel had his own cereal in 1991, and Urkel-Os promoted itself with some nifty campaign buttons and a sweepstakes for a trip to Washington D.C.

Source: Mashed

Star Wars Droid viewers

Star Wars Droid Viewers reveal an IMAGE From TAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS EACH WITH oroid viewer STAR STAR WARS ARS - THEATERS 6 oroid viewers TO collect STAR WARS CRACKED.COM You could see an image from the movie before it premiered! In 2015, Cinnamon Toast Crunch got us all pumped for The Force Awakens with С-ЗРО, R2-D2 and BB-8 Droid Viewers that revealed a never-before seen frame from the movie.

Source: StarWars.com

Spring-propelled rockets

Spring-Propelled Rockets FREE FREE! INSIDE High-flying High-lying TWO INSIDE! TWO STAGE STAGE Rocket ROCKET Goo back Count down press the launcher of separating - mid امنو package Comes in red or blue a Made a stundy plantic Actual length 1964 SUGAR SWEET HOW TO ASSEMBLE AND OPERATE WHEAT . Place Separate pieces frank Lam Lock ate protes books - (with book HEART down Twistapring L For - elten made HONEYS Seven 1 State 1> launching leverdown with been PF- GRACKED.COM 3... 2... 1... Lift off! In the late 50s and early 60s, Wheat Honeys & Rice Honeys were popular Nabisco cereals

Source: Mr Breakfast

Pink Panther 5-in-1 Spy Kit

Pink Panther 5in 1 Spy Kit INSIDE THIS BOX ONE PINKPANTHER 5-1SPY KIT MADE OF STURDY PLASTIC SECRET MESSAGE ACTUAL SIZE SLOT 5% INCHES SECRET SIGNAL WHISTLE SECRET TELESCOPE CRACKED.COM Anyone remember Pink Panther Flakes? In 1973, the short-lived Pink Panther Flakes offered an all-purpose spy kit with a secret whistle, magnifying glass, telescope, and a message slot all hiding in what looked like a harmless Pink Panther figurine.

Source: MeTV


Microscopes BOOK GRACKED.COM Inspiring little scientists everywhere. In the 50s, Wheaties offered a 2-inch microscope with an adjustable focusing lens that magnified objects 6 times their normal size, and finally made me realize that they really don't make 'em like they used to.

Source: Neatorama

Hit songs on vinyl

Hit Songs On Vinyl ABC THE YOUNG AlphA FOLKS THE JACKSON FIV Bits CEREAL GRACKED COM The Jackson 5's АВС on a box of Alpha-Bits, and The Archies' Sugar, Sugar on Sugar Crisp just makes sense. Okay, they weren't in the box, but cut outs of vinyl recordings from these groups, The Monkees, and Bobby Sherman on cereal boxes were very common in the 1970s.

Source: MeTV

"Atomic" submarines

Atomic Submarines FREE AtomicSub MODEL CRACKED.COM Plutonium not included. In the early 60s, Kellogg's cereals offered small plastic submarines that, when fueled by baking powder, would actually submerge themselves and race around the bathtub.

Source: Complex

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