13 Dark Humor Jokes From The Joker

Clowns have jokes. Even the homicidal ones
13 Dark Humor Jokes From The Joker

The Clown Prince of Crime at best and an edgelord at worst, the Joker’s been in comics, TV, films and memes for more than 80 years, which is probably older than your grandfather. All the while, he’s been responsible for jokes so dark you can’t help but laugh, which is the whole point. Aside from being an incredibly idiotic name, there’s a reason why he’s not called “The Murder Mime”; he’s a clown, and clowns have jokes.

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And so, here is some of the dark humor the Joker has dropped on us while also dropping bodies...

‘The Killing Joke’s Joke

At the end of the book and in the animated film, Joker tells Batman a joke that gets even the Dark Knight to crack up. That alone makes the joke dark and unhinged, especially if you believe the theory that Batman chokes the Joker to death afterward off-panel/off-screen.

His Makeup Tutorial

While Jared Leto’s Joker isn’t a favorite, he does offer some quality makeup tips.

The Pen Is Mightier in ‘Batman’ (1989)

The Joker killing a guy with a quill and following up with, “This town needs an enema”? No wonder this movie is held in such high regard.

The Arkham Redemption

Robot Chicken placed all of Gotham’s rogues in a Shawshank scenario, and this is what pooped out (literally).

‘Where’s My Goddamn Electric Car, Bruce?’

On Harley Quinn, Joker celebrates his 25th (psst, his 38th) birthday by torturing Batman until Scarecrow accidentally reveals Batman’s true identity and ruins everything!

Pulling Out a Long Handgun in ‘Batman’ (1989)

It might be a bit unwieldy, but you cannot deny the results. Not many firearms can take down the Batwing.

Announcing His Mayoral Campaign

In Harley Quinn, the Joker’s announcement that he was running for mayor has more firearms and explosives than most. But you have to admit, he has some interesting proposals.

His Execution

The folks at Robot Chicken answered the question, “What would happen if Joker got the death penalty?” with “one of the most gruesome deaths ever animated in stop-motion.”

The Smylex Commercial in ‘Batman’ (1989)

Love that Joker!

‘Bob. Gun.’

The Magic Trick in ‘The Dark Knight’

When Joker revealed himself to Gotham’s underground, a disappearing pencil trick was all it took to get a reaction from them — and the audience.

His Eulogy for Batman in ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

A brilliant voice performance by Mark Hamill showcases every possible emotion and inflection the character could possibly have as he mourns the Dark Knight’s passing while tossing away Sid the Squid.

The Exploding Hospital in ‘The Dark Knight’

Contrary to popular belief, this scene wasn’t improvised but meticulously planned since they only had one chance to blow up the building for real and not risk crushing their principal actor in the rubble. Any way you slice it, it’s the most humorous hospital explosion one can ask for.

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