15 People We Didn’t Know Were Voices On Bob’s Burgers

Jon Hamm can even make a talking toilet sound sexy.
15 People We Didn’t Know Were Voices On Bob’s Burgers

As you prepare to watch the Bob's Burgers movie its time to level up your niche Bob's Burgers knowledge. Several big name comedians and actors have lended their voices to the program, but its not always easy to tell who. Here are 15 actors we had no idea were voices on Bob’s Burgers.

Jon Hamm

bobs burgers jon hamm


The first actor to be funny and handsome at the same time, Jon Hamm, portrays the technologically advanced toilet in the episode “O.T. Outside Toilet.” No wonder that toilet sounded so sexy. 

Bobby Moynihan

bobs burgers Bobby Moynihan


Former SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan does the voice for Sam in the episode “Are You There Bob? It’s Me, Birthday.” Sam is the prospective owner of Wrap-Topia, which Bob visits with the health inspectors. 

Jason Mantzoukas

bobs burgers Jason Mantzoukas


Jason Mantzoukas, king of portraying the clinically insane, was featured in the episode, “The Unnatural” as the owner of The Sand Flea Hotel, Mr. Manoogian. Manoogian is one of the people trying to prove the baseball coach “The Deuce,” is a fraud.

Adam Driver

bobs burgers Adam Driver


Adam Driver took a break from taking over the galaxy to appear in the Bob’s Burgers episode, “The Bleakening, Parts I and II.” Driver played Art the Artist, the culprit behind the theft of Linda’s Christmas tree. 

Tom Kenny

bobs burgers Tom Kenny


Mr. Show Alum Tom Kenny, the voice of Spongebob, hopped on the episode “If You Love It So Much, Why Don’t You Marionette?” Although Kenny has a historic voice-over background, he only took on some supporting roles as a box puppet, a raver and a paramedic. The simple performance would never lead you to suspect it was Kenny.

Hannibal Burress

bobs burgers Hannibal Burress


America’s favorite comedian who always looks like he doesn’t know where he is, Hannibal Burress, makes an appearance in the episode, “My Big Fat Greek Bob.” Burress plays the frat brother Hefty Jeff, which can be hard to recognize as he doesn’t have Hannibal’s usual ultra-dry delivery.

Eric Wareheim

bobs burgers Eric Wareheim


Eric Wareheim of Tim & Eric lent his voice to the character of Phil Finnegan, an announcer at Wonder Wharf Baseball Park in the season one episode, “Torpedo.”

Tiffany Haddish

bobs burgers Tiffany Haddish


In the season nine episode “Roamin’ Bob-Iday” comedian Tiffany Haddish portrays the voice of Patricia, the owner of Patricia’s 77 Sandwiches and a hater of bread perverts.

Richard Kind

bobs burgers Richard kind


Richard Kind appears in the episode “Flat-Top O’ The Morning To Ya,” as Jules Beachum, the Owner & Operator of Beachum's BBQ. At least until Bob convinces him to follow his dream of beekeeping and he leaves the restaurant industry behind.

Steve Buscemi

bobs burgers Steve buscemi


Steve Buscemi, famous for playing the homeless guy in the movie Big Daddy and nothing else, also shows up in the episode, “Sexy Dance Healing” as the lawyer Tom Innocenti.

Cloris Leachman

bobs burgers Cloris Leachman


Comedy Icon Cloris Leachman was featured in the episode “Secret Admiral-irer,” as the 90-year-old Meryl Winters, whom the kids reunite with her long-lost love.

Bob Odenkirk

bobs burgers Bob Odenkirk


When Bob Odenkirk isn’t legally defending meth labs, he’s doing things like framing the Belcher family as the insurance scammer, Chase Kaminsky,  in the episode, “Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks.”

Susie Essman

bobs burgers Susie Essman


Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Susie Essman brings all her fury to the episode, "Sauce Side Story" as Lorraine Parcone, Linda's mother Gloria's first cousin. “You want to stay for some Sprite and some chicken?”

Paul Rudd

bobs burgers Paul Rudd


America’s collective boy-next-door crush, Paul Rudd, portrays the voice of Tina’s imaginary horse, Jericho, in the episode “The Horse Rider-er.”

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