The Simpsons: 15 Characters We Didn’t Know Were Voiced By Celebrities

D'oh my God, look at all of these celebrities!
The Simpsons: 15 Characters We Didn’t Know Were Voiced By Celebrities

The Simpsons love guest stars, perhaps more than any other show. Like SNL, it's an honor to join the cast in an episode for a show with such a long and rich comedy history, resulting in many famous voices popping up in Springfield. Here are 15 celebrities you may not have realized voiced Springfield-ians.

Will Forte as King Toot

Will Forte provides the voice for the Moe’s Tavern’s neighboring store owner, King Toot. King Toot is the proud owner of Kink Toot’s Music Store, which is fitting, as Forte has an angelic singing voice.

Seth Macfarlane as Ben


Two worlds collided when Seth Macfarlane lent his voice to the character, Ben, in the episode “Dangers on a Train.” Ben and Marge nearly have an affair after meeting on an adultery website, but luckily everyone went home to their respective partners in the end. The Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode came out just one year later!

Bob Odenkirk as Mob Lawyer


Bob Odenkirk playing a lawyer representing a shady criminal organization? There’s just no way! In a nod to Breaking Bad, Bob Odenkirk voices the “mob lawyer” in the episode “The Fat Blue Line.

Joan Rivers as Annie Dubinsky


The late Joan Rivers portrayed Annie Dubinsky, Krusty the Clown’s former Agent in the episode “The Ten-Per-Cent Solution.” Rivers is hilarious in the episode and still sounds like if a box of cigarettes could tell great jokes.

Henry Winkler as Ramrod


Ever think the episode “Take My Wife, Sleaze,” seemed a lot cooler than other episodes? Like maybe it could turn on a jukebox just by hitting it with its elbow? Well, the reason why is most likely because Henry Winkler, The Fonz himself, voiced the biker Ramrod in this episode.

J.B. Smoove DJ Kwanzaa


In the season 22 episode “Angry Dad: The Movie,” J.B. Smoove has a small part as “DJ Kwanzaa,” a gangster who helps Homer get to The Oscars on time.

Natasha Lyonne as Sophie


Sophie Krustofsky, the daughter of Krusty the Clow, has had two notable celebrities bring her voice to life. Originally in the episode “Insane Clown Poppy” from 2000, Sophie was voiced by Drew Barrymore. Since then, however, Krustofsky has been voiced by Natasha Lyonne.

Meryl Streep as Jessica Lovejoy

Meryl Streep voices the preacher’s daughter, Jessica Lovejoy. She appears in the episode “Bart’s Girlfriend,” and you wouldn’t believe it; she becomes Bart’s girlfriend. Maybe I’m naive but I don’t hear Meryl Streep anywhere in Jessica’s voice, but what do I know? Oh shoot, I had the TV on mute.

Bryan Cranston as Stardivarious Cain


Stardivarious Cain is Homer’s imaginary suave friend who teaches Homer how to become a better husband to Marge in the episode “The Spy Who Learned Me.” Stardivarious’ silky voice is provided by Bryan Cranston, in his sexiest performance since Breaking Bad.

Jane Lynch as Jeanie


In the 30th season, Jane Lynch lends her voice to the cheery manager of the Kissimmee St. Nick Theme Park and Resort. It's cheery until she sprays Bart and Lisa in the eyes with ammonia.

Amy Poehler as Jenda


Amy Poehler voiced the character Jenda, Bart’s future wife and then ex-wife in the episodes “Days Of Future Future” and “Future-Drama.” If Bart can’t hold down a marriage then what hope is there for the rest of us?

George Carlin Munchie

George Carlin joined the cast for an episode entitled “D’oh-in’ in the Wind.” Carlin played “Munchie,” one of the Springfield residents in pursuit of the legalization of marijuana. Sounds like Carlin alright. The character even shares his slicked-back hair and beard.

Ricky Gervais as Charles Heathbar


Ricky Gervais not only voiced the character Charles Heathbar in “Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife,” but he also wrote the episode.

Jason Alexander as Bourbon Verlander

Bourbon Verlander


Jason Alexander voiced Bourbon Verlander an eccentric millionaire who is later revealed to be essentially a super villain. Now the question is, who is a worse person, George Costanza or Bourbon Verlander?

Steve Martin as Ray Patterson

Steve Martin stepped in to play Ray Patterson in The Simpsons episode “Trash of the Titans.” Ray Patterson was Springfield's sanitation commissioner for 16 years until this episode when Homer replaces him.

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