13 Funny Jokes About Friendship

No one can make you laugh or make fun of you the way a best friend can
13 Funny Jokes About Friendship

Friendship is the best ship. Friends offer you pizza. They help you move (sometimes a body). They give you rides to the airport. They might offer other benefits too, but we’re not sure yet. In any case, friendship is part of the human experience, and human experiences are the fuel for good comedy.

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So grab a pal and dive into these funny moments and jokes about friends (the concept, not the sitcom)...

Key & Peele: Best Friends

On Key & Peele, two buds admit that they’re best friends, including one who wrote a song that’s projecting a supposed mentorship quite a bit.

No Better Friend Than a Superfriend

Robot Chicken knows that sometimes even superheroes need a pal who understands them. And a glowing green sailboat in the sky.


Friendsgiving has become more popular over the past couple of decades, as eating with friends is usually better than eating with family. However, Saturday Night Live reveals that it can still get awkward when newer friends come over, especially when debating Thanksgiving songs.

Birthday Bonfire Babes

A Black Lady Sketch Show shows how birthdays with friends can be bonding experiences — and sometimes expensive confessions.

Male Friendship Commentary from ‘The Simpsons’

In less than 20 seconds, The Simpsons sum up the complexities that most male friendships provide.


Sometimes working with your best friend gives you a person you can rely on and can help you seal the deal, like Sam and Tim with their ad agency work. Well, that and hiring a guy to spray-paint dicks on billboards.

Nick Swardson on Being the Sober Driver Friend

When Swardson drives his drunk friends through the drive-thru, he often has to interpret his buds’ needs and orders. Sadly, he can’t order birthday cake or pussy at McDonald’s.

Hunter Duncan Tries to Make New Friends as an Adult

“I’ve been trying to make new guy friends recently, which is such a bummer to say out loud. I realized that Bumble, the dating app, has a friendship version called Bumble BFF, where you can just swipe your way into friendship. Let me tell you, if you think it sucks not getting matches on a dating app, not getting matches on a friendship app… People are looking at my profile like, ‘I wouldn’t even throw a frisbee with this guy.’”

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney Make Up on ‘Conan’

While they were both booked on Conan at the same time, longtime friends and comedy collaborators Kroll and Mulaney were in the midst of multiple lawsuits against one another but made up over their mutual contempt for O’Brien.

‘Family Guy’s Guy Friends

Yeah, Family Guy got modern male friendships right. Absurdly, sadly right.

Key & Peele: Misunderstood Texts

Texting with your buds is a great way to keep bonds and make plans, but sometimes you can misinterpret intentions, both good and bad.

Kevin Hart’s Best Friend Rule

Two Best Friends

Saturday Night Live shows that sometimes a friend group should just remain a simple duo.

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