‘Saturday Night Live’s’ Top 8 Most-Watched Live Sketches of Season 48

‘Saturday Night Live’s’ Top 8 Most-Watched Live Sketches of Season 48

The @nbcsnl Insta just released its list of the Top 8 Most-Watched Live Sketches of Saturday Night Live’s most recent season. On the one hand, the list is confusing. Ratings reports show that the Steve Martin/Martin Short and Aubrey Plaza episodes were among the most watched, yet neither are represented here. On the other hand, we get a healthy dose of Pedro Pascal, my choice for best host of the season, so that makes all the sense in the world. Just know that NBC and SNL ran the numbers, and here are the elite eight.

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Waking Up

Here’s Pascal’s first appearance on the list as Charlie, an “L.A. mush-mouthed” amnesia victim after a terrible accident. Let this be a warning — try not to get hit by a Party City truck.

Overprotective Mom

Now it’s Pascal in drag as Marcello Hernández’s domineering mother. Notable for a sketch performed partly in Spanish and a bit of a coming-out party of Hernández, excellent in the straight role as the put-upon son.

Lisa from Temecula

Speaking of coming-out parties, Ego Nwodim finally got a knife-wielding, butt-protecting breakout character to showcase her talents. Pascal — hello again — can barely hold it together here. 


Another strong performance by Nwodim as a substitute teacher mistaking Megan Thee Stallion’s gifted class for a group of lost causes. 

Hot Girl Hospital

From Shonda Rhimes and the top commenters on the Shade Room’s Instagram, it’s Hot Girl Hospital. Probably the weakest sketch on this list, but still funny.

Spanish Class

Mikey Day’s Señor McIntosh is the world’s whitest Spanish teacher getting schooled by host Ana De Armas and Marcello Hernández.


The highlight of Jenna Ortega’s hosting debut was this dead-on parody of Ridiculousness, with Ortega yukking it up as depressing TikTok star Lee Lee Two Times.

Italian Waiters

We wrap it up with — who else? — Pascal, the latest in a long tradition of SNL’s amorous Italian waiters. Perhaps the long-lost child of Pepper Boy?

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