While we've made amazing strides in the realm of communication, a lot can still be lost when we don't talk face to face ... sometimes with disastrous results.

Our readers shows you what happens when you're left to figure out context and connotation on your own. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by LilySprite

Bl.. Verizon 3G 1:15 AM Messages Jillian Edit I'm a little drunk right now and I know this is really impulsive... we've only been dating for a few wee

Entry by igm3001

sl DownNet 3G 11:45 AM Messages Elizabeth Cotton Edit Charles Darwin, you might be a sinner, but you still have time! Accept Jesus into your life and

Entry by stung4ever

AT&T 3G 6:00 PM Messages Harry S Truman Edit Drop it I mean, don't go through with the bombing Hello??? GRACKEDCOM

Entry by LilySprite

Verizon 3G 10:01 PM Messages Girlfriend Edit Hey baby, whatcha doing? Watching a movie What movie? I miss you, are you thinking of me ;) I think I lov

Entry by AM Smiley

..000 AT&AT 7:41 PM 50% Messages Luke Contact Lukel There you are. How did it go with Vader? Yes, I get it, hi. Wave, wave. Do we really have time for

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