15 Hall of Fame Jokes and Moments from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Intentionally or not, the Austrian giant consistently tickles our funny bone
15 Hall of Fame Jokes and Moments from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a multi-millionaire action movie star who had a body of a god, the charm of a god and the political career of a criticized governor. Two out of three ain’t bad, though. On top of all of that success, the guy is funny as hell, too.

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Out of respect, we wish to give The Terminator his comedy kudos by presenting to you some of the funniest moments throughout his expansive and eclectic career...

Every Scene in ‘Pumping Iron’

Where to begin? Is it Arnold describing weightlifting as providing him the same satisfaction as orgasming?

Or how about a totally stoned Arnold leading a “Happy Birthday” sing-a-long while wearing an “ARNOLD IS NUMERO UNO” T-shirt?

The Final Fight in ‘Commado’

Everything about Arnold’s final battle against Kirkland Signature Freddie Mercury is comedic gold, down to his “Let off some steam” line, which is arguably the greatest death pun in action movie history.

When He Didn’t Fool Anyone at Gold’s Gym

As a way to raise money for the After-School All-Stars program, Arnold went undercover at Gold’s Gym disguised as “Howard” to work the front desk and help the patrons with their training. If the terrible wig and mustache didn’t give him away, his accent did.

When He Pumped Up with Hans and Franz

Schwarzenegger finally appeared alongside the two bodybuilders that he inspired on Saturday Night Live. An excellent sketch for those who dig a good manboob bounce.

His Dream in ‘Junior’

While the movie clearly isn’t his best, no one can deny that Arnold seeing an infant version of himself isn’t equal parts hilarious and terrifying. It’s one of the few times a person can laugh and scream simultaneously.

When He Crushes Things with a Tank

In another fundraising benefit stunt for the After-School All-Stars program, Arnie hosted a contest where the winner would ride with him to crush various objects with his tank. You’ll never look at popping bubble wrap the same way again.

The Diplomatic Brawl in ‘Twins’

The Crimes Committed to Make ‘Terminator’

Schwarzenegger appeared with Linda Hamilton on The Graham Norton Show, finding out what his co-star originally thought of him and discussing how some of the shots for Terminator weren’t 100 percent legal.

Every Ice Pun in ‘Batman & Robin’

While Batman & Robin was a stinker, it’s gotten some love in recent years as a campy cult classic, with fans loving Arnold chewing the scenery with ice puns that were as corny as they were cold.

When He Met Himself on Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Arnold is a good sport when people do imitations of him, but none come closer to the crown than Robert Smigel’s unhinged impression on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. When the two finally met, the real Schwarzenegger got his comedic revenge on the late-night talk show host.

As Gunther in ‘Killing Gunther’

Arnold was able to self-parody in Taran Killam’s underrated mockumentary about a group of hitmen’s attempt to assassinate the world’s greatest hitman, leading to a ludicrously violent fight scene that’s as funny as it is brutal.

Getting Frustrated in ‘Kindergarten Cop’

Arnold making kids cry by yelling and making the most contorted, vile claymation face ever recorded is just plain great cinema.

How He Tricked Sylvester Stallone

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Schwarzenegger confirmed that he tricked his longtime action star rival into doing the bomb comedy Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot. No way to confirm if Arnold saw the movie just to see Stallone in a diaper.

Being in a Cult Christmas Comedy Classic

There is a cult following that grows and grows every year regarding this now-classic film featuring Arnold and Sinbad doing their damnedest to get a Turboman action figure. Plenty of funny stuff, including this scene of Arnold hesitating to steal a Turboman from his neighbor.

As the Perfect Deadpan Comedian in ‘The Terminator’ Franchise

Whether it was a good Terminator movie or a not-as-good Terminator movie, Arnold still does an amazing delivery of the emotionless killing machine trying to pass as a human. Every Terminator attempt at a smile just works, even if the script or the rest of the movie doesn’t.

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