9 More of the Best ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cut-for-Time Sketches

The funniest bits are often on the cutting-room floor
9 More of the Best ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cut-for-Time Sketches

Cut-for-time sketches on SNL are an eternal mystery. Oh, we get why sketches are trimmed from the live show — Lorne Michaels always brings more bits than he needs to the dress rehearsal, then makes final cuts based on how they perform before a live audience. The puzzling part: Why are the cut-for-time sketches, which invariably show up on YouTube hours after the live show, so much funnier than the bits that actually make it on the air? Case in point: I’ve rewatched “Alan” more than practically any sketch SNL did that season.

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Alan also has me convinced that cut-for-time sketches are the future of casual entertainment. I’ve rounded up some cut-for-time classics in the past, but SNL has delivered several more winners since I published that list. Here are some of my new favorites...

Podcast Set

Sad because a guy can’t even use racial slurs to simply describe people anymore? Fisher-Price has just the thing for loudmouthed men like John Mulaney who can’t keep their stupid opinions to themselves: Podcast Set for White Guys.

Brutal Marriage Movie

Rami Malek and Heidi Gardner take to the big screen to show you what a depressing bummer it is to share your life with another person.

Bachelor Home Makeover

Host Nick Jonas shows two bachelors how to turn their cluttered single guys’ pad into a less cluttered single guys’ pad.

Rami Wants A Treat

Malek is back again in a Please Don’t Destroy video whose title is pretty self-explanatory.

Splitting the Check

You’re not going to want to split the check six ways when Owen Wilson is at the table.

Backstage Pitch

Fan of The Queen’s Gambit? So are Kate, Beck, Aidy and Ego — and they have some ideas for Anya Taylor-Joy.

Holiday Gig

If you ever wanted a chance to see Eddie Murphy jamming on the keytar, here’s your chance.

Touch Up

It seems like the Please Don’t Destroy guys always get their sketches on, but here’s more proof that even SNL nepo babies can get cut for time.

Sending Drinks

Let’s wrap it up with Keegan-Michael Key, trying to outweirdo Bowen Yang at the singles bar. It’s a tie!

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