Please Don’t Destroy to Be Replaced by Drunken, Dirty-Talking Dogs

The ‘SNL’ wunderkinds’ feature-film debut just got bumped by a movie in which Will Ferrell plays a dog who wants to bite off his owner’s junk
Please Don’t Destroy to Be Replaced by Drunken, Dirty-Talking Dogs

In a post-A.I. world, some entertainers are antsy that their jobs will, at some point in the future, be taken over by robots. Saturday Night Live’s digital short group Please Don’t Destroy, on the other hand, are facing more of an Air Bud crisis than an I, Robot one — their movie just got bumped by a dog.

The currently untitled, Judd Apatow-produced Please Don’t Destroy film was slated for a theatrical release on August 18th. However, Universal Pictures, the film’s distributor, is reportedly antsy over the poor performances of its recent comedies and has nixed Please Don’t Destroy’s in-theater premiere entirely, opting to launch the project through the streaming platform Peacock on November 17th. Universal has simultaneously opted to move the premiere of the R-rated, Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx-led comedy Strays to Please Don’t Destroy’s former opening weekend from its original release date of June 9th.

Strays is the story of an abandoned dog named Reggie (Ferrell) who teams up with a pack of drunk, crass street dogs to exact revenge on his neglectful former owner, played by Will Forte. The group goes on a heartwarming adventure to find Forte and — seriously — bite his dick off.

Ben Marshall, John Higgins and Martin Herlihy of Please Don’t Destroy first announced their feature film debut in July 2022 with Apatow heading the production. The SNL wunderkinds’ first foray into filmmaking will tell the story of three childhood friends that grow into directionless adults who, tired of their boring lives, set out on an adventure to find a gold treasure rumored to be buried beneath a mountain. 

Essentially, it sounds like The Lonely Island made The Goonies — except unlike The Goonies, it’s now ticketed for TV screens instead of movie screens.

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