‘We’re Gonna Find Out Who You’re Working With, Buddy!’: Alex Jones Loses His Mind on A.I. Prankster Who He Thought Was Tucker Carlson

Prank Stallone pretended to be Tucker Carlson for a full conversation with the world’s reddest conspiracy theorist
‘We’re Gonna Find Out Who You’re Working With, Buddy!’: Alex Jones Loses His Mind on A.I. Prankster Who He Thought Was Tucker Carlson

A prankster with a proclivity for A.I. tools has Alex Jones red in the face for reasons other than the usual hypertension.

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Self-described “Little Prankster/Twitch Partner” Chris James, known by his handle “Prank Stallone,” hasn’t yet divulged how he learned both Jones and Tucker Carlson’s phone numbers, but, following Jones’ recent InfoWars meltdown, we do know exactly what he did with them. On Wednesday, James took to Twitter to brag about his most recent stunt — using an A.I.-generated Tucker Carlson voice bot, he called the controversial conspiracy theorist (possibly using a spoofed number) and held a full conversation with him, claiming, “I was honestly caught off guard by how much he bought that it was Tucker.”

Yesterday, Jones confirmed the prank in an enraged rant on his show wherein he decried the “horrible, lewd, sexual things” Computer Carlson said to him, threatening, “We’re gonna find out who you’re working with, buddy!” I may not have the journalistic rigor of an InfoWars reporter, but, judging by James’ Twitter profile, I’m going to guess that Twitch might have had something to do with it.

When Jones finally learned the identity of his pranker, he issued James a challenge on air, saying, "It's very important for Prank Stallone to come on this show today or tomorrow, and explain he's not part of a government group or an agency, because what he did, spoofing someone's number, in many jurisdictions is a crime.”

"Now I don't think Tucker Carlson wants to press charges,” Jones addressed James, “But you need to come on the air, you need to explain your intent was not to be mean.” 

James, on the other hand, has had a much more blasé attitude towards possible blowback. James ridiculed the incensed Jones fans who took to his DMs to send threats of legal or even violent repercussions for his actions, treating the Sandy Hook denier’s fans with the same amused indifference he has towards their leader.

Prank Stallone will not appear on InfoWars to apologize for “being mean” to Alex Jones — but he will release the prank video. “It will be on the Monday episode of my show for anyone wondering,” James promised.

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