Heidi Gardner’s Twitter Feed Appears to Have Been Hijacked by a Finance Bro

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Heidi Gardner’s Twitter Feed Appears to Have Been Hijacked by a Finance Bro

While Heidi Gardner has never been super engaged with her Twitter feed, the @heidilgardner account has been awfully active today. But instead of a latest Saturday Night Live cold open breakdown , we’re getting a virtual torrent of futures trading advice. If “Adam Mancini” is a Weekend Update character, we don’t get it.

Without a blue checkmark, it’s easy to conclude that this was never Gardner’s Twitter in the first place. But look who’s following the account — Darrell Hammond, Kenan Thompson, Andrew Dismukes, and a bunch of other SNL alums. We’re pretty sure they didn’t click Follow to get Mancini’s advice on buying dips.

Gardner fans are slowly starting to notice something weird is going on. Some are wondering if it’s actually a bit, but there’s no apparent punchline. 

Still, the hijacking is providing some unintentional comedy, with older tweets now appearing to have finance bro “Mancini” interact with old SNL buddies like Chris Redd.

Here’s our question: What’s in this for “Adam Mancini”? Is impersonating a sketch comic a disruptive method of gaining new adherents to your futures philosophy? Is this an Andy Kaufman-esque stunt by Gardner, the online equivalent of reading The Great Gatsby on stage until we all walk out? Or is this simply a chaos agent trying to inflect some bedlam on the comedy world? 

In any scenario, we’re blaming Elon Musk. 

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