15 Comedy Stars Rejected By SNL

If comedy icons can get rejected, what hope is there for the rest of us?
15 Comedy Stars Rejected By SNL

It's not easy to land a job on the late-night television series "Saturday Night Live." A-list performers, including Jim Carrey as well as John Goodman, have all been turned down in the past. Comedians such as John Mulaney but also Kevin Hart tried out for the show but have not been chosen.

For this ranking, we're evaluating the comedians, including humorous performers who tried for a role on "Saturday Night Live" but didn't make the final with one excuse or another. Several of the persons in this story did get behind-the-scenes work, such as in the creative department, but their hopes of becoming a series regular were never realized.

Astonishingly, certain ultra-talents never got a chance, especially considering some of the featured athletes have struggled for air time throughout the years. Here are 14 comedians who tried out for Saturday Night Live but were turned down by Lorne Michaels and his team.


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